Monday, March 7, 2022

Banff Marathon Training - Week 8 PFTW

 Last week...

Tues: 4 miles speed (2x1600) + core - aiming for 1600s at 11:13-11:31, actual 11:24 & 11:05.
Wed: Upper body + hiit, short run/walk at Rogue Actually ended up with 1 mile walk, 2 miles on hills, 1 mile walk
Thurs: 5 miles (2 @ tempo)recovery - used my Rogue miles instead of tempo. This was the worst day (at work) and I needed beers and dog walks after my day. 

Sat: 10-12 Spent the day in San Antonio! 

Sun: Headed up to meet my friends for our long run - 7:30 start meant I had to leave at 6:30 and it was already hot and humid. I'm already mad at summer. It ended up being a fine run, and always good times with these ladies. 10 mile run, 1 mile walk.

After my run, I made the loooong trek back home, and took a very quick shower so Lora and I could meet my friend at the Austin FC game! 

We had a great time and WE WON! This was my second game (match? IDK) and both times I've been in the supporters section, which is essentially the most insane people yelling and singing and waving flags the entire 90 minutes and no seats. Just beer and yelling. The weirdest thing happened early, just before the game, when that lady in the white tank top reached down and took something right out of Lora's hand, and then got super angry when we were like whaaaat. People are the worst. So weird. 

Anyway, here's a cute picture of the giant dog being cute and non-chaotic. 

This week....
Tues: Hiit (ugh) and burnout butt and thigh (sounds bad), 4 miles speed (4x800?!)
Wed: core
Thurs: upper body, 4 miles tempo
Sat: nothing!
Sun: 12

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