Monday, June 8, 2015


I ran 5 whole miles last week, so I'm probably marathon ready RIGHT NOW.

Last week...
Monday: 10 minute butt and thigh (killed me dead), abs/upper body (hard to do when you can't use your legs anymore...)
Tuesday: 3 miles easy* - was scheduled for 4 at run club, but work went berserk and I couldn't make it.
Wednesday: total body strength and cardio
Thursday: rest
Friday: 2 miles easy, arms and upper body
Saturday: Spectating CDM5K
Sunday: Nothing!

*I've been doing a run/walk interval (4:30min run, 30sec walk), while I get back to running regularly, and I really like it.

It's a mystery to me how I ever trained for marathons with a real job that forced me to keep regular hours. My current (awesome) job is incredibly flexible, I just haven't really taken advantage of it.

This week!
Monday: Strength. Maybe those same videos up there. Maybe.
Tuesday: 4 miles with Run Club
Wednesday: Total Body
Thursday: 3 miles easy
Friday: Arms
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: rest


I am SUPER DUPER excited for the new frap flavors from Sbux. I'm so ridiculous, because I don't ever really get fraps, but if it is limited release, then I MUST HAVE IT. I'm a marketing team's best friend.


Saturday AM I spectated while #1 ran CDM5K - #2 was going to run, but wasn't feeling well last week. WOMP.

Somehow (because she teleports, probably), she was this far behind this woman 50m from the finish line, and ended up beating her by a second.

#1 ran a 45 second PR, at 20:01 - which landed her 8th female overall, and SIXTH in her age group.

No wonder XC and Track in OC are so competitive. O.o


  1. Count me in for trying Lemon Bar, Red Velvet Cake and Cupcake.
    The s'mores frapp is by far my favorite SB drink yet, even more than the almighty Pumpkin Spice Latte.

  2. Really wishing your motivation would drift eastward and rain on me. Except you have no rain. I've been doing the walk/run thing myself, except more walking than running. I know I NEED to get back into it, but I just can't MAKE myself. Donuts and coffee haven't worked either. Sigh...

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