Monday, June 1, 2015


Here's something crazy. Do you know that just registering for a race doesn't make you suddenly do things?

It's true!

I ran once last week, it was non-impressive, but my husband said if I ran he would buy donuts, so I did.

the end.

It's like my brain has been rewired to make excuses and reason my way out of doing anything besides sitting on the couch? Like, I don't know what FitnessBlender video I want to do, and I've been clicking through for 30 seconds, so.... obviously I should just watch TV instead.

I'm not sure how to un-lazy myself :(.

Plan for THIS week!

I'm pretending like if I pick a video NOW, I'll have no reason not to do it this week. I've already done all the work for it.... Or something.

Monday: Arms/core - this is my favorite video
Tuesday: 4 easy with run club
Wednesday: Legs/hiit - I hate/love this video.
Thursday: 3 easy, arms/core
Friday: Legs/hiit
Saturday: rest day/CDM5K*
Sunday: "Long", 4 easy

*I'm not running - #1 and #2 are! I'm pretty excited to spectate the heck out of the morning. Also, #2 doesn't like creme brulee, so I'm also pretty excited to have hers.

Track banquet marks the FOR REAL end of track season! This was a long, long, LONG season, so it seems fitting that the banquet was the longest thing ever. There are SO many awards, and so many kids, and I KNOW it's nice to recognize them all and whatever, but seriously, 2 hours of recognition is just so very, very long.

Unless it's my kid, then it's great. #1 was awarded Most Outstanding Distance Athlete of the year! The boys team won our division title this year, and the head coach announced that he expects the girls to also take the title in the next two years. #1's face went like...

Can't wait for #2 to join the fun.

Well, "fun".


  1. Congrats to your daughter on her outstanding award! So awesome!!
    I also hate awards banquets all except the 5 minutes that pertains to me or my child. so long and boring always!

  2. At least # 1 and # 2 will be in the same place for a while. Easier to keep track of them? Wow. Gab's hair. Awesome. CIM will get here sooner than you think...time for some donuts and brewery training.


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