Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What's this? What's this? What is THIS! PFTW.

(I've been working hard on convincing Gab we should go to Disneyland for her birthday, and have Nightmare Before Christmas on the brain)

Last night, I did a Fitness Blender video. It for REAL almost made me vomit and/or pass out.

This is very sad, because in the not-too-distant-past, this video was challenging, but not That Hard.

It shouldn't come as a shock, but it was: working out does not become any easier when you take a month+ off.

Monday: I did this video. More accurately, it did me (in).

Tuesday: While I would like to say I will run, HAHAHAHA. I will probably do an arms/cardio video.

Wednesday: Total body OR lower body. Maaaaaaybe a run?

Thursday: #1 is racing, so rest day (besides all the trekking around following her race).

Friday: Arms/Cardio

Saturday: Gabby's birthday!

Sunday: RUN FOR REAL - 4ish.

I am not really feeling like running, so.... I don't know. I will, I just don't want to? Bah.


XC Update??

#1 had a KILLER race on Saturday - they ran an event that was new-to-them, so we didn't know much about the course. For any other XC teams considering the Central Park Invite in Huntington Beach... let me tell you, that course is not easy. It is lovely, and great for spectators, and seems like a real XC course - it has everything, wood chips, trail, roots, hills, sand, grass. It was fun... for us to watch.

It was also 90* and sunny, and she raced in the hottest part of the day, so that was not great.

And yet... she ran a really, really strong race.
Do you know that she passed EVERY SINGLE GIRL in those pictures?? Including that one on the bottom right in the red jersey waaaaay ahead of her IN THE FINISH CHUTE??? She's been working hard on finishing strong, so.... I guess that's working out okay for her.
They finished 2nd overall in the girl's varsity race, finishing ahead of some incredibly strong (and high ranked) schools. Wheee.
This week is her first league meet, so that's pretty exciting. 
Also exciting, is the introduction of the parent's hospitality tent. Why yes, I WOULD enjoy standing in your shade and thank you for the muffins and coffee.
XC is really the best.


  1. #1 is amazing! I can't imagine how hard she works during practice to run like that!

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