Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spooky 10K - Race Recap / PFTW

hey guys! I ran a race!

It was in a new-to-me area, that was not the worst place I've ever been.

Dana Point, Salt Creek Beach

Since I haven't really run anything AT ALL in months, I elected to not run the 10 miler, and instead pace friend Will in the 10k. We had a goal of around 11:30 pace, and planned to go out conservative, because - surprise! - the course was hilly, hilly, hilly.

The race promised tricks AND treats, so I'll let you ponder which is which.

Logistically, the race was spot on - Renegade Race Series always puts on a stellar event, which I really appreciate. Easy parking, easy packet pick up, course was well marked and well supported.

The age group awards were AMAZING.

Super cute short-sleeve cotton tee, and medal for the 5k/10k (the 10 mile also had a great medal).

I obviously had the Most Fun Ever.

Summary: Great event - there are also kids' races, pumpkin decorating contests, costume contests, and a small expo. Parking was a breeze. Well marked out and back course. Lots of hills. Lots of great views. Loved it!!


So, last week, I did stuff!

Fitness Blender introduced a 5-day Plan for BUSY PEOPLE, of which I am one, so I did it. It wasn't the worst, but it was certainly hard. It's so awkward to start working out and realize that you have become incredibly weak.

Since I ran a 10k in a fairly respectable time and felt GREAT, I figured I'd go ahead and start running again more regularly. I'd been procrastinating on this because I was really concerned that I'd forgotten HOW to run, and also the longer I remain lazy, the easier it is to remain lazy. But it was a really great time, and I remembered that I kind of do like running.

Also, because I registered for this:
I really make the BEST choices.

Monday: arms/abs FB video
Tuesday: 3-4 miles easy
Wednesday: Legs?
Thursday: rest - #1 is racing! maybe a video in the am
Friday: 3-4 miles easy
Saturday: rest!
Sunday: 5-6 easy


  1. how in the world does a 5k/10K have such great perks!?! sounds like a great race.

  2. Are you going to follow a training plan for this half marathon or just wing it? I think it wold be pretty fun to see you just wing it. ;)

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