Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Trail Run Series! Weekly Recap / PFTW

This week kicks off the first race of the Summer Trail Run Series!!

I absolutely love this event, and I'm SUPER excited to run again this year. Registration is still open for Thursday's race - only $33 and it includes a fun expo after the race with a barbecue (or a shirt). The series runs June 19, July 10, and August 7 - register for the full series for only $28/race. What a bargain. Use HEATHERDISCOUNT for an extra 10% off, yo.

Plus, who WOULDN'T want to run with me when I'm so fashionable.

Yeah. you know you want to.

Last week...

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: run/xt
Did 5 miles with 4x400 at a relatively easy pace (it was actually my goal 5k pace, so "easy"). I haven't done real speedwork for awhile, so I wanted to ease in. Went well. Followed that in the gym with a total body video from FitnessBlender - this wasn't so bad while I was doing it, but the next day I could barely even move, my hamstrings were sooooo sore. So tricky, FB!

Thursday: Nothing, again!

Friday: run/xt
4 miles, easy pace, and this was teeeerrrrrriiiiibbbbllllle. I didn't enjoy it, is what I'm saying. Followed by an old FB arms video, which was also terrible, so I guess it was just an off day. Lame.

Saturday: Nothing!!

Sunday: run
TEMPO! I had no idea how this would go, but I thought I'd give it a shot. 2 mile warm up, 3 at tempo (9-8:42), 1 mile cool. I was close - 9:05, 9:01, 8:42. It was hard. But, looking back at my older workouts, it's the fastest I've run since last October, so I guess there's that!

Related: I think I've lost a handful of pounds over the last month, but since I'm not doing nearly as much strength work (because I'm lazy), I'm assuming it's muscle loss. Womp.

Related: Instead of working out, apparently, I spent the entire week just cooking things.

Mmmmm. Pork.


Monday: nothing
Tuesday: 4 miles easy, XT
Wednesday: Swim
Thursday: trails! and arms
Friday: Bike, swim
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Bike, run long

Unrelated to training, but related to everything else, I've jumped back into job hunting and golly, is it the Least Fun Activity Ever. People are crazy, man. Interviewing is so bizarre. Sigh. SIGH.


  1. Job hunting is terrible, terrible, terrible. Only thing worse is actually working :D

    So, I see you have biking and swimming on schedule. WHEEEE!

  2. I would totally run that if it were closer and not a weeknight! That is a smokin deal for 3 races.

    Job hunting does completely suck.

  3. A trail run with a BBQ after?? Um, YES.

  4. good luck on the job search. I'm keeping my fingers crossed so your race budget comes back and i can meet you IRL. :) the pork looks amazing!!! i would totally come sparkle with you if i lived there...boo.


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