Monday, June 9, 2014

Guess what's back. back again.

Ohhhh yeah.

I am registered for iTRYathlon (a Renegade Race Series event) again this year, and in hopes of bettering my time from last year, I've started training!

Thank goodness I keep a blog account of my stuff, because in my BRAIN, I thought I was unhappy with something. In real life, it turns out, my recap tells me that I had a great time and I even PR'ed the 5k! So the bar is set preeeetttttty high already.

I have literally for real not swum or used my bike since last year's event. I know, I'm the greatest. I just found that I didn't really like the bike, and.... that I was too lazy to keep up with swimming (actually, I thought that the pool I used was under renovation for some reason, but then it turned out I was just trying to go every day while they are closed for cleaning, as posted - I am not smart).

So last week I busted out the swim stuff, and hopped in the water for 20 minutes of laps and... spoiler, it's still hard! Who knew if you don't do something, it gets more difficult.

I drafted up a training plan for the next 11 weeks, and hopefully I will mostly stick to it. Like last year, I am running more than the swim/bike - I really want to maintain a decent running base so marathon training this fall isn't the Worst Ever.

I have some vague goals in mind already, but I'll have to see where I'm at realistically as I start training.


If you're in SoCal, and you're tri-curious, I can't recommend this event enough! It's super low-key, and impeccably organized. Plus, as far as tri's go, it's priced reasonably - right now just $85 for the tri. Also available are a junior tri, a 5k, and a kids' fun run. You can check out pricing here, and - AND - you can use HEATHERDISCOUNT for 10% off.

Also, it's women only for the tri, which means no men running amok in tri gear. If you've experienced this phenomenon, you know what I'm saying here.

So with THAT said, this is what my PFTW looks like...

Monday: arms
Tuesday: 3-4 easy, XT (tried a new total body video last week that I really liked)
Wednesday: swim - 20 minutes easy, arms
Thursday: 5 easy, bike 30 min easy (not together)
Friday:  swim - 20 min easy
Saturday - 6 easy
Sunday - bike 30 easy

I'm not putting anything in stone yet - we'll see how this plays out next week, and I'll adjust as necessary. Like, I don't know how well the arm/XT work will go on the days I have it scheduled for, so... work in progress. I threw the bike in on the weekend, in case The H wants to ride with me, since that's his most favorite thing to do.

I'm also vaguely tossing around the idea of trying to PR at a July 4th 5k, but... I'm not super committed to it. But I might toss some extra speed work in if I feel feisty.

Regarding my last race... well, I'm still disgruntled about it. I mean, not enough to be, like, on edge or anything. But I spent a few days pouting, and generally being irritated about it. It's over, nothing to do about that now, except pick a redemption race and try again. I am going to have to really figure out this summer running nonsense, because I'm struggling with the heat and staying hydrated. GROSS. I hate summer.


Over the weekend, #1 ran one of our favorite local races - Corona del mar Scenic 5k. Many years ago, this was my very first 5k, and the biggest reason this race was selected was for the promise of a "complimentary restaurant-row feast" at the finish line.

Why, yes, that IS a whole baguette. Right on top of the pizza and mini creme brulee and pork tacos and breakfast burrito and scones.

Because I have other places I'm planning on spending my race budget, only the kid ran this year, but man, did she kill it.

20:44 for a new pr on a hilly hilly hilly course (and knocking 4.5 minutes off her time on this course!), and 14th place overall in the female race. She was pretty psyched that she could pull this out during her off season, and after a long season of track work, and no hill work.

XC is going to be so fun.


  1. She is the fastest!!

    Excited to hear about your Tri training.

  2. DANG! She did kill that race. That buffet line! I need a race like that. LOL.

    Good luck with tri training!

  3. Sounds like fun!

    I'm totally jealous of your summer though.:P

  4. can't wait to see how you like the TRI this time around. I'm going to cheer on another race this weekend and will get to see all the men in all the tight clothes. :) #1 is insanely fast. I love it.


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