Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. August was kind of the suck. I started all gung ho on strength training, and SFM recovery before jumping into CIM training. And I did that, for a few weeks. And then the lazy was funner than the training. And now I'm just lazy.

I'm in a funk. <-- I seem to say that a lot. I am perpetually unmotivated and lazy.

I did what should have been a pretty easy speedwork session Tuesday, and dude, it was HARD. Paces that I could hold even a few weeks ago, I was struggling. I don't know if it was "recovery" from Disneyland, or what, but it sucked, hard.


2. On Saturday, we ran the Hyundai Hope on Wheels 5k at UCI. We found this Schwaggle deal a few weeks ago, and since we weren't running the Disneyland 5k, we thought this might be fun.

Becka recapped the race here (and A's PR*!). It was kind of a weird race, the course was strange and inbound/outbound runners had to cross paths a lot, it was SUPER hilly, the course was SUPER short, and the logistics were nutty, but you know what?

I don't care.

Hyundai donated over $174,000 to Children's Hospital of Orange County, where Gabby receives treatment. In 2011, Hope on Wheels donated $10,000,000 to fund a project focused on pediatric genomics researchpediatric at CHOC.

There are a few other race locations this fall - Sept. 9th in Chicago and Sept. 29th in Miami. If you're in the market in one of these areas, please consider running - click here for info.

Plus, we were freaking cute.
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Julie, Gab, me, A, #1, Madison, Becka
3. Can you handle another back to school picture? Our school district started MOST kids yesterday - except #1 started today. I don't know why. It's weird. It made getting a group bts picture tricky. So here's a pretend one.


They're the cutest.


  1. My two cents--doing lots of big races tends to make the motivation wane. You get into that whole cycle of having to put in the big miles, over and over when all you want is a break. My unsolicited advice, sorry!

    Adorable back to school pic!

  2. i have zero motivation to do anything. i should have been training for ragnar napa for weeks - and i have done almost zero running (done plenty of swim/bike, not helpful for a running race). lame. off season can be awesome or might take me back to square one. yikes. and your kids are pretty darn cute.

  3. I consider myself an expert on cute kids, and YES, yours are definitely freaking cute. :)

    And I laugh every time you say you are lazy. With all the running and speed work and racing you do, you are DEFINITELY not lazy. :)

  4. I can see photos on your blog at work now!!! OMG!!!

    You guys all DO you look super cute at the race!

    Aww, the BTS messenger bag .... are we timing how long that lasts starting Now?


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