Thursday, September 20, 2012

If it ain't fixed, don't break it

1. Today is exactly 2 weeks since I ran last. I've been extra unpleasant, and generally cranky, but also realllllly grateful I didn't run through #heatpocalypse (it just took me three tries to figure out the correct spelling of grateful, wtf).

One might think I'd take this non-running opportunity to, you know, cross train. I've done some cycling (an hour's worth), and some ellipticalling (all of 10 minutes before I wanted to kick myself in the throat), and weights (one 30 minute arm/back/chest program).

That's 1 hour and 40 minutes in two weeks. LAME.

I had an MRI on Jerk Shin Tuesday evening, and I'm waiting for the results. I shouldn't complain, my company pays for my health care in full, nothing out of pocket, but holy bejesus slowest process ever.

Oh well.

2. Last weekend, it was a billion degrees. SoCal generally has pretty mild summers - we are hot for a few days, REALLY hot for a few days, but the rest of the summer is pretty glorious. Except this summer, where it's been ridiculous for a long, long time.

The H and #1 had plans to attend Comikazee in downtown LA (about 60 minutes NE of us, and HOTTER than OC). I was kind of a little concerned about this drive - neither of our cars have working AC, which isn't normally a huge deal, but that drive sure would suck for them.

BUT THEN! We found the OC Metrolink train - $10, all weekend, right into downtown (and Pasadena! And Hollywood!). There's a station a few miles from our house, and it's air conditioned. Awesome. So we dropped them off at the station, and I spent the rest of the day with the other kids avoiding #heatpocalypse.

FYI, you can spend up to at least 4 hours at Souplantation (or Sweet Tomatoes, for you non-west coasters) without getting any shady looks.

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Gabby made friends.
Rose also attended Comikazee, and did the zombie obstacle course I was really bummed to miss.

The H brought me a present, though, so I guess we're good.

You can pick up your own copy of "That's Not Your Mommy Anymore: a zombie tale" on Amazon (not an affiliate link, I'm not that fancy). Totally worth it. Gabby and I read it, and i was pleased to hear that I must not be a zombie, since I'm not green.

Yeah, we added that shit to her kindergarten reading log. That might be awkward at parent teacher conferences.

3. Kind of zombie related.... The H and I are going out for actual, real life grown up fun Saturday night, for the launch of Knott's Scary Farm!

This year is Scary Farm's 40th anniversary, and it sounds... well, terrifying. I haven't been to anything like this since Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando BEFORE I HAD CHILDREN. That was in the last century, I'm not even joking.

Halloween Haunt runs weekend nights from 9/21-10/31. And looks extra, extra scary.

4. My job is driving me batty. I'm kind of for real sort of looking, but mostly just for specific organizations and companies that I really want to work for. The thing is, I have it pretty cushy at this company, so I think until something I really, really want to go for pops up, I'm just going to tough it out. There just aren't a ton of great jobs out there that interest me, and I'm not desperate, just bored.

But if anyone knows of something that lets me wear compression and running clothes, and does good, like curing cancer, and is in SoCal (that's important), I'm game.

5. I don't really love getting up at 6am, but I do love getting out of work by 4pm. And these fall sunrises sure don't hurt.
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6. We're planning a camping trip to Sequoia National Park in a few weeks. Anyone been there? I hear it's beautiful, but everything I read says there are bears everywhere.
Am I going to be eaten by bears?


  1. I prefer greatful. Ah, but the spell check doesn't likey, I see.

    4 hours at Souplantation? Spell check doesn't like that either.

  2. That Knotts Scary Farm sounds so fun! Halloween Horror Nights scares me so much but I totally want to go this year :)
    Bears are scary (I use to live in Alaska) but just do whatever the rangers say (seal your food, make noise while you hike, etc.) and you will be fine!

  3. I have never spent 4 hours there. I mean, not at one time.

  4. The bears won't eat you. There will be at least 4 small children around, what kind of a dumb bear would be tempted by you?! lol

  5. omg i love scary haunted things! and totally get you on the job thing. guessing you’ve looked at LLS before. anxious to hear about the calf/shin thing!

  6. Yeah, most of the time I can't complain about my job. Except this week I am seriously up a tree with WTFness. Like noticeably frustrated and disgruntled. Meh.

    I hope you get good a shin news.

  7. I've been to Sequoia National Park a ton of times and it is so nice...but I've never camped there. We would stay at a nearby campsite called Kaweah Park. It had nice little cabins so we didn't have to worry about bears.

  8. Bears are zombies. Especially the green ones.

  9. On not running: I feel your pain. literally. I hope you recover soon!!!

    On Sequoia: I camped there a few years ago. It's gorgeous and you're going to love it! Just make sure you put all items (food, scented toiletries like toothpaste and chapstick, etc...) in one of the "bear boxes" provided at every camp site and trailhead parking area. (A bear box is a big metal bin with latches to keep the bears out.)

    You can carry food with you while you hike, but do NOT leave food wrappers, purses, backpacks or other items visible in your car. This is not a joke. I've seen the damage a bear can do to a car when it thinks it can see or smell a snack inside.

    That said... if you take the appropriate precautions you'll be FINE. Bears don't want to eat you. They want to eat tasty people food!

    Have fun! I look forward to seeing the photos!


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