Thursday, July 5, 2012

#runalltheraces = 5K Giveaway, and Woodbridge 5K recap

Giveaway first!

Back in September, Team Sparkle posted on their Facebook page about putting together a team to run the Chapman University 5K. It was a week out from my goal half marathon, but I am a sucker for the sparkle, so I registered myself and my two oldest kids.

The race was GREAT. Tons of swag, fun course, super flat, tons of community support, including a dude playing the trombone on his porch, bazillions of volunteers, two (TWO!) water stations, fantastic oatmeal bar at the finish. Plus, the shirts are nice (I actually wear mine!) and you get a medal.

Point is, it's a really well run event, and a fast course, IMO - Kid #1 PR'ed there, and took 2nd in her division with 22:08.

I registered the same day I saw that registration was open. I think right now registration is only sitting at $35, which is pretty typical for 5K's in SoCal, and a great deal for a race this good.

Chapman is letting me give away ONE entry to the 5K this year!

The race will be held Saturday, October 6th, at 7:30am. Race day pick up avaialble!

Obviously, you've gotta be local(ish) or willing to travel to OC for a 5K (Becka?) to win this entry.

Small, local races like this are my absolute favorite. And honestly, I love the food at Corona del Mar, but this is probably my favorite 5K yet.

Interested, leave me a comment below telling me your favorite type of race - big? small? chip timed? don't care just let me run? -  before Wednesday, July 11th at 11:59pm, and I'll post the winner on Thursday July 12th before we leave for DISNEY WORLD.

Maybe I'll even toss in a sparkly surprise - on my own dime. Hint, hint.

disclaimer, I don't know if this even needs one, but just in case, I'm getting zippo out of this, I've already paid for my registration, so everything I've said here is my own opinion, and the race really is rad. You should run it, even if you don't win. But just in case, you might as well enter. If you're local, that is. That's a long way to travel for a 5K, yo.

Recap second....

This is going to be quick. Like my race. Ha.

So, my goals were.... 26:57 (I'll tell you a secret - that was 1 second faster than Becka's PR), or PR, or just don't puke/die (<--these are kind of synonomous for me).

The race started at 7:15, down the street from my house. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH.

The H was all froggy and woke up before me, and then I stumbled out of bed a minute later, and had coffee. Mmm. Coffee. Woke up #1... who always thinks she wants to race, until it's actually the morning of a race....

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There is a 5K and a 10K, with separate start lines and different courses, but they start at the same time.
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The 10K ran a part around the lake, I think. Or the mile kids' races. I can't remember.

Started close to on time, but honestly not sure - #1 had my phone, and it was not chip timed. So... I don't know. BUT, my garmin says I ran mile 1 in 8:39, exactly where I wanted to be. Mile 2 at 8:26 <--that might be my fastest mile ever. I mean, I haven't tried to run a mile time trial since I started running, so there's that. Mile 3: 9:28. Shit. My shoe came untied (I DOUBLE KNOTTED!), then there was a little bit of a gradual uphill, and I couldn't hold pace. Oh well. And .1, 7:55. Bah.
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Anyway. I wore my red Adidas Adizero's, the same shoe I wore at CDM. I wanted to think they're my new PR short distance shoes.... but not only did they come untied, they did this...
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What the hell. Jerks.

Oh well. B goal, crushed.

Becka, you're still faster than me.


  1. Oh pick me! Pick me! I'm actually a faculty member there and they used to give us free entries but not anymore :( I LOVE this race - thought it's gotten pretty dang competitive the last two years.

  2. The next 5k you do, super glue those laces down and you will crush your A goal.

  3. LOL! My 5K PR is 19 (or so) months old. You will crush that PR - and since I never EVER plan on actually racing another 5K (I will run some with A), the bar will remain at sub 26:58.

    You are a fton of awesome. I am in awe that you were able to run that fast AND still have time to stop and tie your shoes. That is mind boggling. Truly.

    Also - I don't want to comment on the giveaway entry... as much as I would love to travel for a sparkly 5k, you are correct, that is likely "too far" to travel for a 5k.


  4. Also - I'm stupid. I thought they were split posts, but it is just


  5. ouch!! i swear by blister bandaids in new shoes. You did great though!

  6. ouch!! i swear by blister bandaids in new shoes. You did great though!

  7. Maybe a switch to velcro for your next race? ;) Great job on your fastest mile! That's cool that it was so far into your race too.

  8. My favorite races are the ones where I beat you. :P Hello, Chapman.

    Nice PR :-)

  9. hi i would love an entry for the free 5k. i prefer small chip timed races. my kids and husband have started doing 5ks with me too - so fun.

  10. congrats on the PR
    dont enter me
    it is the same weekend as long beach !

  11. Nice job! Love that photo f you with #1. Sweet.

  12. I love smaller races that are chip timed (not gun time, ahem la palma) because middle of the packers/non super freaky fast runners can place in AG.

    Duct tape those mo-fo's next time. Jerk laces.

    BTW - you are such a badass.

  13. One of these weekends, if you'd like, I'd gladly pace you to 26:xx. You're pretty much there, 20 seconds in nuthin'.

  14. Bummer about your shoes both the laces and the blister - ouch!

  15. Bummer about your shoes both the laces and the blister - ouch!

  16. My husband Steve Velazquez did the painting used for the shirts and medals... It is called Doti's Dream.

  17. Pick me! I loved the chapman 5k when I did it a few years ago! It's still my 5k PR 18 months later -- Running flat races helps my ego :)

  18. The 5k got me into running and the Chapman 5k was the first race I did after I started running! It is a great race!

  19. my comments are not posting. hmph

    i like small races!!! this is perfect!


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