Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Kindness of Strangers

Hey, wanna run a 5K? I'm giving away an entry to the Chapman University 5K! Click HERE to enter, ends Wednesday night!

Last week:
Tuesday: 3 miles easy
Wednesday: Woodbridge 5K, 50 second PR!
Saturday: 18 miles, easy pace <--wtf, why is this easy pace my MGP and I sucked at MGP in actual practice? LAME.

This week:
Yesterday: 13.1 treadmill half marathon <--for real, I did that, and it was 3 seconds off my second best half marathon time, AND IT WAS EASY.
Today: 5 miles easy pace, maybe. My achilles (?!) is being wonky.
Tomorrow: 10 miles easy pace
Thursday: Fly to DISNEY WORLD
Saturday: something Harry Potter that's not Disney
Sunday: rest

That's kind of a lot of miles for a few days, but I'm desperately trying to avoid running in swampy Florida. I'll see how my achilles feels later tonight, and make a call on the 5 miler. If I bump it, I guess it's not going to actually KILL me to run 5 miles in the heat. And humidity. And mosquitoes. I GUESS.


On Saturday (after I ran 18 miles, naturally), our Make a Wish volunteers arranged with our neighborhood Chili's to host Gabby's Wish Presentation Party.
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One of the Chili's servers, on her own dime, went out and purchased the princes decorations, and came in, on her day off, to decorate.

People amaze me, sometimes.

We FINALLY got our trip information, and flight details (FINALLY, man, that isht made me antsy).
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While one volunteer, A, went over our trip with us, her husband, B, went through the contents of Gabby's new Dora backpack...

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Everyone at Chili's was fantastic. The Wish volunteers were fantastic. I don't even know what else to say.
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Magic, yo.

Gab's at the clinic this morning for one last blood check, and.... yeah. 48 hours from now we'll be... in the air. Well. In Pheonix, changing planes frantically (really, 40 minutes between flights with three kids, zoinks). But close enough.


  1. Just awesome. Hope you guys have a blast!

    PS: One missed run won't hurt your training, woman. Take it easy and don't get injured.

  2. Hey--don't forget the alligators you might encounter on that run. ; )

    Gabby looks so cute in those pics. Have a fantastic time!

  3. How wonderful. I know you guys are going to have an amazing time. Sending good thoughts your way!

  4. Lady, you are a machine! You=my hero

    As for Disney, y'all are going to have a fabulous time! Can't wait to see pictures. I love the look on Gabby's face with her backpack surprises.

  5. Dear Ms. Type A,

    Try and relax a little and enjoy this wonderful blessing your family has received. Isht.

    ...and just be thankful S isn't driving you around Florida.

  6. Have an awesome time in Florida!

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  8. What an awesome organization! I hope your family has an AMAZING trip! (I'm sure you will!) Can't wait to hear about it!

  9. Hope you guys have a ton of fun! I love it win people do unexpectedly nice things. Warms my heart:).

  10. Wow you're throwing down some serious miles! So excited for you guys and your trip. What an amazing blessing ; )

  11. How wonderful!!!
    I hope the trip is perfect. :)

  12. I am SO excited you are going! I want to hear all about it when you get back. Belane and Shorty's wish trips were incredible. Enjoy every surprise and every minute. Hugs!
    PS Awesome running!

  13. so excited for yall and gabby. what an awesome trip and experience. and how incredibly kind of the chili's employee. i love when the kindness of strangers surprises us all.

  14. Geez. 730 miles this year? You are cruising. Nice job! Your weekly work ethic is inspiring, keep up the good work! I'm on a 10-12 mile per week pace, which I hope to bring up to 20 per week by the end of the year. I can't quite get to the half marathon days though! Enjoy DisneyWorld!

    Greg at Dazadi.com


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