Monday, July 2, 2012

RnRSEA, post mortem, and PFTW

Last week:
Tuesday: 3 mile run, 4 mile bike. Jerk Shin was being a little shady, so I played it safe, and cut my 4 mile run, then threw in the bike for kicks.
Thursday: .5mi walk, 4.5 mi easy run
Sunday: 11 miles, easy pace, with 1 mile @ potential goal 5k pace.....

This week:
Tuesday: 5 miles easy
Wednesday: Woodbridge 5K, going for a PR. I know, I just PR'ed a 5K. But I felt like I had more in me, and this is a WAY easier course. I have some lofty goals, and a reasonable one JIC.
Thursday: 6 miles easy
Saturday: 18 miles easy

So I guess recovery has gone well?

Random thoughts post-marathon...

*I felt super rough Saturday night, and a little sore Sunday if I stopped moving. But otherwise, everything has felt FINE.

*Obviously, I could have pushed harder. And now I know that for next time.

*I didn't carry my handheld, and I didn't die. The weather was mostly fine for using on course aid.

*Fueling was okay, until I hit mile 20 and decided I was done. WTF, brain. You're not the boss. Stop that.

*Except that RnR insists on NOT using bottled water. WTF, RnR. With as much money as people pay for registration at your events, you can't provide bottled water? LAME.

*This will likely be my last RnR event. I don't like to say "never", but I just wasn't impressed enough to shell out that much cash again. Disney, they charge a billion dollars, and put on an immaculate race, every time, WITH BOTTLED WATER. I'm just saying.

*I'm not making any real goals for SFM in 26 days - just to finish, have fun, and take pictures.


T-9 days to Gabby's Make a Wish trip to Disney World.

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  1. Sometimes the brains wins over the body. Stupid brains.

    Anyways I feel the same for RNR races to but I'm pretty sure they used bottled water in Chicago last year. I don't remember anything funny about them either. I think it's because the city wouldn't let them open the hydrants -maybe. I went around and around the water for the Chicago marathon with a troll who was incorrect. But I did 2 Chicago RNR's and I can't remember the water. Maybe I should spectate this year to confirm.

  2. I totally forgot about the yucky RNR water. You are so right. It tasted gross and made the Gatorade taste gross too. Note: the water tasted fine at RNR Portland. Hint, hint.

  3. I'm trying for a 5K PR on Wednesday too! You can do it! :)

  4. I'm over the RNR races, too. I wonder sometimes if they will implode, as fast as they are expanding.
    Looks like you had a great week despite just RUNNING A MARATHON! Loca.
    Nice job!

  5. We are looking at San Fran the same way - we just want to have fun and take pictures! We are doing the half and then sticking around for a few days for some sightseeing :)


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