Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Did you hear? I'm a doctor.

So, I've been keeping kind of a secret.

Since Jerk Shin last year, I have not had ANY shin pain while I'm running. Or walking. Or doing anything, really.

Unless I touch it. My solution (thanks, Lesley) has been to... not poke it. Problem solved, right?

It's kind of shady, and there's another part, parallel to this persistent bump, on the outside of my leg, that kind of... lumps up when I start running? I know. It's creepy. And it goes away after a few miles.


See? Ick, right?

Anyway. It doesn't really bug me, it doesn't hurt to run, so I've not been super concerned about it. Intrigued, and fascinated, and curious, yes, but not worried.

Today, at my physical, I asked my (new) doctor about it. You know. Because why not?

Her response...
"Oh, it's probably some microtrauma. You should not run. It's your body's way of telling you it doesn't want to run. You should stop."

Oh. Okay, then.

Once I emphasized that not running wasn't really an option (I mean, it doesn't even hurt when I run!), eventually she caught on and begrudgingly gave me a PT referral. Hopefully they'll be interested in sorting this lumpy shin situation out.

I mean. Microtrauma? WTF. That seems like lazy-doctor-speak for "I don't know, and can't be bothered to figure it out, take these sample pills and stop running."

See? Wikipedia agrees.

I'm ignoring her suggestion. I'm taking the PT referral, and I'm running as scheduled. But in the meantime, I've decided to become a doctor.

Cuts? Scrapes? Bruises? Microtrauma. Save your co-pay, I've made the diagnosis.

Hand hurt from typing? Microtrauma. Just stop typing.

Lungs tired of breathing? Microtrauma. Just stop breathing.

I'm a problem solver.


Aaaaaanyway. Ran 8.3 miles last night, on Balboa Peninsula with Snork. It was magical.

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It REALLY sucks living here.

I'm kind of a natural disaster geek, so I was really digging this....


.... for the record, we've lived here for just over 3 years, and have yet to experience an earthquake. There have been two fairly decent ones since we got here, but we were in Joshua Tree for the first, and Yosemite for the second. Since we never go anywhere, ever, what are the freaking chances, really.

This morning was conditioning. The usual suspects - squats, lunges, weights, pushups. PLUS Coach D's "surprise element", jumping jacks. Shockingly, I kind of loved them. I loved the wall squats way less, though.


I promise I shared with my family.


  1. What an amazing place! No wonder you enjoy running there!

  2. Seriously we live the Running Life. Beach Running is a reality all the time. It's a crazy sick running problem we have. I'm sure there is a diagnosis for that too :)

    You're killing the mileage these days. SO FREAKIN AWESOME!

  3. Wow what awesome views while running. The Tsunami sign reminded me of when I first moved to Alaska (I lived there for two years) there was a Tsunami warning that came on the television. And I was like um what the heck do I do with that? I had just moved there from Colorado so was completely clueless. Apparently you move uphill when there is Tsunami. The more you know:).

  4. Hubby has a bump that sounds like yours too. It's on his arm. It goes away sometimes or gets bigger when he's dehydrated. The doctor told us that unless it feels like it feels like it's attached to something, it's probably harmless.

    I'm afraid of getting an earthquake while we're away. I'd rather be here to rescue my kitty if we need an evac (I live 100 ft above the ocean and just 1/4 mi from the natural gas like that comes from SFO so if something goes down, my house is pretty close to it).

  5. 1.) I'm cracking up with your microtrauma talk. Also because my leg issue (that I took time off of running last year for) is also back. I just keep wearing compression socks or sleeves (that'll fix it right Dr. Heather?)
    2.) How dare you mention the E word. Now were gonna have one and when it comes I'm blaming you.
    3.) I'm thinking we need to add donuts to our Ragnar packing list. Those look glorious.

  6. Microtrauma. Psht. Sounds like a lot of horse hockey to me.

  7. Microtrauma. interesting.

    I want those donuts though. damn.

  8. Ug! Kick that doc to the curb! I had a doc do that once & all I wanted was a referral to a sports med and/or PT. Doc said quit running, I said no, write me a referral, he said no, I said yes, no, yes. It went on. I told him I wasn't leaving until I had a referral (WTH?). He finally did it then I wrote a big complaint to the clinic about his lame ass.

  9. why are some docs so big on telling people not to run. WTF. i need to live where you live. and, i really need those donuts. thank goodness lent is over this weekend!!!

  10. I'll bet the PT diagnoses it in two seconds. Sometimes I trust them more than the Doc, plus they get our runner brains.

    And yeah, once again, I want to live where you live.


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