Monday, April 9, 2012

20 Mile Aftermath


A container of strawberries, an iced latte, turkey and swiss sandwich, ALL the chips and salsa, two sausage, egg, salsa breakfast burritos, chex mix, giant salad, garlic bread, tons of ham, roasted potatoes, asparagus, and crepes with strawberries, marscapone, and nutella.

I have never been so hungry in my LIFE.

The 20 miles was fine. First 9 was with my friend Snork - it was her longest run to date, and she KILLED it, finishing with a 9:30 pace. Ran another mile solo. Ran 10 with PCRF. It was HOT. It was seriously HOT - when we finished, I think it was around 80*.

The encouraging thing about this, is it was hotter than during PCRF Half last year, and our route Saturday was almost all the same as the last 4 miles of the race. This time, I had 16 miles on my legs already, and didn't stop going up those damn "inclines". The route is a slight uphill, and I clocked my fastest mile in mile 20.

And I feel REALLY GOOD today.

20 mile, success. Also, my shin feels exactly the same as always. So... Microtrauma, I guess.. Or something.

Last week.... 42 miles (holy crap, 42 miles!)
Tuesday: 8 easy miles on the beach
Thursday: 8 miles, 5 at tempo
Saturday: 20 miles easy pace, 1 mile jog to find The H and bring him water, 2 mile walk around the lake and to the grocery store (HOLY CRAP, 20 MILES!)
Sunday: 3 miles easy recovery

This week.... cut-back week!!!
Tuesday: 8 miles, speed - I finally decided to man up and hit up a track. Fingers crossed it doesn't suck.
Thursday: Souplantation, see below!
Friday: 8 miles easy
Saturday: 11 miles with PCRF
Sunday: 4-5 miles easy

This Thursday, Souplantation is hosting a FunRaiser night, with 20% of proceeds going to Team Gab and PCRF! This is only valid at the Irvine location, so if you're not in Irvine.... sorry for you.

Bring THIS FLYER with you, between 5-8pm Thursday, and eat delicious salad, and do some good. I hear they have lemon lava cake......

Gabby and I will be there, possibly with my other offspring in tow. My mother-in-law is visiting this week, so it's hard saying if I'll be able to tear those children away for a few hours :D.

What's that? You can't make it?

You can also CLICK HERE to make a donation. You can pretend you ate, and donate $10, and call it even.


  1. oh the hunger that never stops. its awesome yet somewhat exhausting to never feel “full” :) congrats on an AWESOME 20!!

  2. 42 MILES! Yeah! Nice job eating all the things, you did not disappoint. (Oh, and congrats to Snork for the big 9, love it).

  3. I dread the hunger. But booyah on you for getting those 20 miles in!

  4. Thanks, Just Trying!

    Sadly, for me the 9 mile calorie math and the hunger do not seem proportionally correlated. I think I have sympathy hunger, and it's not cute. As I scarf down the left over half a loaf of garlic bread, with cream cheese, and smoked salmon. Not cute at all.

  5. Way to kickass on the 20 miles!! awesome!!

  6. Nice 20-miler! You so earned those treats!!

    I hope you have a great turnout with the fundraiser.

  7. Awesome job on the 20 miles. Your post is making me hungry!

  8. Blizzards make me so happy! Glad you had a positive experience for your 20. The hunger is crazy. It just never ends.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  9. Great job on the 20 miler! Hope the FunRaising night is a huge success!

  10. This made me hungry. I mean maybe I was hungry to start with, but this made it worse!

    You're too cool!!

  11. Think of the hot 20-miler as training for the first day of Ragnar which is going to be hot. Apparently the weather gods think they are funny this week with 90 for the Boston marathon and then 85-90 for Orange/Corona on Friday.


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