Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Things Thursday!

1. This is my average pace by week over the last 7 weeks since I started c25k:

I hear race pace is even faster, something about the "excitement" and "adrenaline". Helllloooo, Running Skirt.

2. I am currently plotting my Thanksgiving/Black Friday plan of attack. I am one of those crazies that shops on Black Friday. So far, this looks like my game plan: race at 7am. Collect my free stuff. Come home and watch a parade (heehee). Cook a bunch of stuff to undo the 7am race. Toys r us 10pm. Outlet mall at midnight. Coach around 2am. Home by 3. Macys at 4. Misc other shopping. Sleep. Eat pie for breakfast. Shop. Go see Tangled. Shop. Eat more pie.

It's going to be epic. I am sad My Sister won't be around to not sleep and eat pie and shop with.

3. I find that I am *really* missing hiking lately. I was considering a quick hike this weekend, but there's rain in our forecast. But soon, I think I have to. My trail shoes look sad and lonely. I've gotten so focused on sucking less at running, that everything is revolving around that, and I'm afraid I'll get burnt out. I've spent a small fortune on race registrations, so... burn out cannot happen. And, plus, variety is the spice of life and all that, right?! Besides, winter and spring are my favorite times to hike in SoCal - the air is cool and clean, everything is green and lovely. Sigh. Next weekend, for sure.

Between a round of pie and a nap.


  1. Do you run on the trails? You should...Of course, it MAY ruin you for roads forever after..

  2. I love your plan of attack .... especially the pie part! You should take a picture of what you get. You reminded me to get my hike on, I miss it too. Great pace women.
    How in the heck did you know I was at Disneyland. Billy and I were amazed, you are seriously the coolest person I know. I love that you were cranky about the disney article, made my day. Who needs water when its the season for eggnog:)

  3. @Fnderson... I have NOT done trail running. It kind of freaks me out :D. I am the opposite of almost all other runners, in that I love the treadmill, and don't really like running outside. Maybe trail running is different!?

    @THRG - lol!!! I TOLD you I love Disney beyond all reason! I used to live in FL, and am a Disney World girl at heart, but Disneyland is a suitable substitute :D. We have annual passes, and spend a LOT of time there.

  4. I am so glad you like the pizza recipe, it is so easy and so so good.


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