Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why today is awesome

1. I recieved a sticker yesterday from SUAR. That makes TWO stickers on my car, both beginning with "Shut Up".

2. My hair is a life-form of its own and must be doubling the size of my head.

3. I totally just told off a chick via email who filed a chargeback erroneously.

4. I'm THISCLOSE to talking H into letting me buy a pair of shoes for $140.

5. The fact that they are running shoes instead of fancy shoes makes me smile.

6. It's lunchtime, and Togo's has some fab mushroom and brie soup that I am loving.

7. I took #1 out for few hours one-on-one time Sunday. On the way to the car, she said, "That was fun, mama." It was a few days ago, but it still makes me happy. She's almost 12. I think my days of THAT are dwindling.

8. I wanted to go to Sbux today, but I didn't. Restraint!

9. The Disney Princess half is still at 65%. Woohoo!!

10. Thanksgiving ham is FINALLY gone!

11. Snork and I have a date tonight :D

What's making YOUR day awesome?


  1. Have fun on your date. I would rather spend mula on running shoes than fancy shoes. Brie soup sounds amazing.
    Laying down on the couch watching Biggest Loser as I blog is making my day amazing.
    I love watching Good Eats.

  2. Great list! My awesome is that today is my day off. Woohoo!!

  3. I think the Princess bumped up to 70% yesterday! I swear I saw that on there when I was desperately searching for any new info to help satiate me for a while. Or maybe it was in the e-mail I got? I don't know, but I saw it. I swear! ;)

    Have a rad date night!

  4. Don't do it! Don't buy the expensive shoes! Go buy the book "Born to Run" and read it first and THEN maybe buy the shoes if you still want to. OK, at least get it from the library....


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