Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Austin Half Marathon - Week 13 PFTW

I've lost track of what I've been doing because I've been crazed the last few weeks, so I guess here's what I can remember?

Strava tells me....
Wed 1/3 - 3 miles
Fri 1/5 - 3 miles
Tues 1/9 - 4 miles
Thurs 1/11 - 5 miles

I quit the challenge somewhere in there, and I'm not a little bit sad. Jumping is the worst.

We drove (I drove) Lora back to school this weekend, and on the way (totally out of the way) detoured to Cane River Creole National Historic Park outside Natchitoches, LA. I knew about this place thanks to Ghost Adventures (don't judge me), but it turned out to be fascinating and very haunting. Not in a spooky way, in a people can be really terrible way.

Then we drove sketchy/snowy backroads to Memphis because I enjoy living dangerously I guess.

Once in Memphis, it was entirely snowy and icy, and the roads were a disaster, and I had to text Becka for tips on driving in ice (protip: don't fucking stop, ever).

Today, in Austin, it's icy and snowy. Winter is great.

Un-weather-related, I got a promotion at work, and am taking on a fairly hefty project with very little ramp up time, and expanding my team by 40%, so I already miss sleeping :(.

This week....
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - strength (no challenge, just back to strength work)
Thursday - 5 miles, with "speed"
Friday - strength
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 8 miles


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