Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So, let's catch up? I kind of assume if you're reading this, we've kept in touch through other social media, but it feels awkward to just start talking about training as if I didn't resurrect this space after a lengthy vacation.

#3 is still happy and healthy, with so much hair. 

#2 is a mini-me. She would be loathe to admit it, but... it's truuuuuuue. She's going to be in high school in the fall, and is joining XC/track. Wheeeee.

#1 had a KILLER track season, setting meet records, PR'ing with a 5:14 1600 and 11:17 3200, taking 3rd place in league, and going to CIF prelims.

We spent the Memorial Day weekend heading north.

And on our first college visit because I am OLD.
So that was exciting.

PF(What's Left Of The)Week!

Wednesday: 3 easy, arms
Thursday: Lower body
Friday: 3 easy, arms
Saturday: 4 easy ("long")
Sunday: Rest, track banquet

I've been very, very slowly working back into running - it's shocking and humbling when you run zero miles for months, and then try to run 2-3 miles. 

After running Holiday Half (which I didn't blog about, but Becka did!), I had a thutt situation that I decided to rest, which rolled right into "resting" for 3 months. Okay, 5 months. 

I've been wanting to get back, and craving that terrible dead-leg-post 20-miler feeling, but was stuck in this cycle of well, I'm not registered for anything, so it's hard to be motivated to train, but I want to register for something, but what if I don't train. 

So obviously.


  1. Nothing gets your ass moving like a confirmation email. Glad you're back! :D

  2. Since I have no plans to run CIM this year, you should have good weather. (I got the monsoon and the "so cold people were slipping and falling on frozen water at the aid stations" years.) And yay for Stanford!

  3. I'm not planning on running CIM this year, but hopefully I'll come out to spectate!

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