Monday, May 19, 2014

Week in Review / PFTW

Last week!

Monday: XT
Maybe reverse psychology works on me, because once I said I was just resigned to resting on Monday's, I did arms and abs. Clever trick, me.

Tuesday: Tempo
7 miles total with 4 at tempo. Goal was 9:22-9:07, actual was 9:22, 9:20, 9:13, 9:09. Skipped run club because it was 97* and I enjoy being alive.

Every Tuesday, I do speed on the treadmill, and every Tuesday, there's a guy in the gym that "runs" for 45 minutes. And by "runs", I mean, he turns the belt on, and occasionally runs, but spends most of the time standing on the edges playing on his phone. It's so bizarre. Do people that do this know that those miles don't even count???

Wednesday: Run/XT
Last week was HOT. Like, over 100* for most of the week. In fact, it was so toasty that I decided to go to the gym for almost 2 hours, because at least the gym has AC (and my apartment DOES NOT). 3 mile run, a couple miles walking leisurely, and lower body circuit. It was so cool and lovely, I hated to leave.

Thursday: XT
Arms, Core, and stretch

Friday: Run
Woke up to tons of smoke and firey smelling air from the San Diego fires south of us - was intending to do a long run, but the air was awful. Made it 3 miles with itchy eyes and scratchy throat and called it. After I got home, I saw on the news there was an air quality warning, advising to stay indoors. Ha. Too late, suckers.

Saturday: Long!
This run was so great! 6 miles easy, 6 at "goal" pace. Goal pace felt a teeeeeeny bit challenging, but certainly not too hard, so I'm maybe optimistic about the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half. Maybe.

(BTW, if you want to run, you can register at that link, and use HEATHERDISCOUNT for an extra 10% off.)

Sunday: Rest?
We spent the day spectating #2's track event, while #1 and her team volunteered with the operations.

This is how Gab feels about track time.
The H took her home between events. She was a joy to bring to the track.

#2 ran her teeny tiny heart out for her 100m, but she watches everything happening around her instead of looking forward. It's so weird!
Rare shot of her looking forward.
She was also supposed to run the 400m later, but DNS'ed due to an ankle injury she acquired while goofing off on the bleachers. More accurately, an "injury". Since I saw her later bounding up the stairs, I am skeptical of this claim. This was not the highlight of my day.

It was WARM, and despite reapplying sunscreen a billion times, I have some fancy sunburn lines everywhere. #blessed.

So now, FOR REAL, track is DONE until next January. GOOD RIDDANCE, TRACK.


It's taper!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: Run club! Arms, core
Wednesday: Speed - not sure what, yet, but likely 400's/800's?
Thursday: XT, legs
Friday: 5 with strides (or maybe trails, weather dependent), arms/core
Saturday/Sunday - rest

I'll talk more about my goals for Laguna later this week..... Honestly, a lot of it just depends on the weather forecast. I am a fair weather runner.


  1. Honestly, clearly, obviously it is time to move north. Enjoy the taper!

  2. I'm so distracted by your not having AC in CA that I can't even concentrate on anything else. How do you not have AC!?

  3. I don't understand treadmill runners that spend time on the side rails. My mind will not allow me to track those miles as if I ran them, and it's hard to keep track of how long I didn't run for. No side rails for me.

    Also, I don't have AC. My house is less than a mile, as the crow flies, from Mission Bay and it was like 97 (so much for coastal breeze). On Thursday I had enough and dragged the husband and the baby to... Hometown Buffet. That's how badly I wanted to sit in AC and not try to cook anything at home.

  4. I don't know how anyone can live without AC. You guys are freaks.

    I am weird about miles walking vs running -- when I am on the treadmill I have to make sure the walking/running parts are in .10 or .25 increments. I cannot walk for just .06, I have to do the whole .10. Running cannot stop at .03, I need to keep going until I get to .10 or .25. A lot of this has to do with my math skills or lack there of.

  5. omg agree with steph. NO AC!?!?! and being from FL i would think you would die without it. I have also never understood gym socialites. also, you will hit your goals for the race. i say so.


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