Thursday, April 24, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. I cannot believe it's been A WHOLE YEAR since I ran a marathon. Eugene was so lovely, and I'm still working diligently to convince the family we need to move there.

We are so funny.
See? It looks like it was the funnest EVER.

2. I've picked a fall marathon, and the goal is to start training (for real) in mid-July/August, but I'm waffling between using the Hanson's method (run all the miles, but not the super long ones), or the Run Less, Run Faster program (run a fraction of the miles, but also cross train). I don't even know why I'm debating this, because TO ME, RLRF sounds better - I like the cross training, so why not? But mostly, I'm just very curious about Hanson's.

I am so indecisive! Thankfully I've got some time to work out my brain thoughts.

3. #2 was on the Orange County Academic Pentathlon team for her school last month - she was really bummed about her essay - they had to read a book, and at competition, they gave them a writing prompt. However, she forgot a main character's name, and basically felt like she faaaaailed. So when the awards ceremony was announced (the day BEFORE, with no advance notice....), and it was going to be a haul of a drive, to get there at 6 in rush hour traffic.... we declined to go. They don't announce award winners in advance, and #2 said she only wanted to go to hang out with her friends, so I certainly wasn't interested in spending an hour sitting in traffic.

My bad, she won 3rd place for 7th grade.

Mom fail.


  1. I've already said this on the Twitter and FB, but it bears repeating. RLRF is the BESTEST ever!! You don't HAVE to set your goal to super speedy and make all your paces crazy fast, I mean, you can, but you don't HAVE to. If your interested I have a link somewhere for a website that will basically figure out every pace and all the speed workouts for you.

    And congrats to #2! She's a smarty pants for sure!

  2. I'm learning my body likes the RLRF approach....but I mentally freak out so I still have to do a couple additional longer runes when I used that approach so I don't have a mental breakdown mid-race!

    And of course she's a smarty pants...look at her mudder!

  3. GOod luck with your training, I think if I had to pick I would go with RLRF, but either way I am sure will still get you to the finish line. Congrats to your daughter!

  4. I really think RLRF would work better for you... especially with how much you love the Fitness Blender videos! I can tell you from experience, that trying to do ALL THE THINGS will eventually leave you burned out. If you really want, throw in a 4th "easy" or "hill" or "random" run every once in a while if you really feel the urge for more miles?

  5. I know you run a shit ton of miles with Hanson's method, but for me the whole idea of not running more than 16 miles is a total mindfuck.

  6. I did RLRF and had an 18 min PR at wineglass. I LOVED the plan. But i'm a crazy plan follower type. Yay #2! you have some talented kiddos!


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