Monday, March 31, 2014

Some stuff happened last week... PFTW

Hey there!

Last week did NOT go according to plan. Logistics are tough, yo, even for a SAHM. I finally wrote up a training plan for Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half, that I'll maybe talk about more later this week?

Upper body work - combined two Fitness Blender videos (Arms/Shoulders and Upper Body Tabata) for a 55 minute strength session. According to my Daily Mile, I liked these videos.

Core/Lower Body - 40 minutes. I was supposed to head to run club this day, but my schedule just didn't work out that day with #1's track practice.


5 pretty pretty trail miles!
Hilly route on some local dirt, and was surprised to find that the uphills weren't nearly as bad as I thought I remembered them - maybe strength training is paying off???? Followed in the evening by track meet #1 for the week. Where they had a bake sale. So it was the best ever.

Easy treadmill miles, fueled by...
I sometimes play this game on the 'mill, when I don't have a real specific run planned, where I decide how far I'm running based on how much I want to hear the song that's playing when the miles tick over. This one came on at the end of mile 2, and I ended up with a nice 5 miles for the day. Thanks, blondies. Followed at home with 45 minutes of arms, chest, and abs.

OH! I almost forgot! We had an earthquake on Friday, too, and it was REALLY EXCITING. #2 and #3 didn't even feel it, but #1 almost LOST HER MIND. The H said we would be moving back to Florida right this second if it were any stronger. NOPE THANKS. Earthquakes are better than humidity.

I spent the day with #2 at Academic Pentathlon, where she had NO FUN AT ALL (except for all the times she was laughing hysterically), while The H took #1 to her track meet. And then I did nothing.

Spent the morning spectating PCRF 10k/Half - there was a date and venue change this year that put the race literally next door - we rolled out of bed and went outside at 8 to cheer on the runners, and then headed over to the kids zone expo.

Followed in the evening with 3 miles easy-ish, plus 10min abs.


Monday: 3 easy, arms
Tuesday: 4 easy with run club (FOR REAL this time), total body
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: rest/XT
Friday: Long run (hahahaha 6 miles), arms
Saturday: rest?
Sunday: 3-5 easy, XT

I'm still running all easy miles, and will probably introduce speed work again next week. Maybe? Or maybe I'll just keep running trails because hills are speedwork in disguise! (I say that to #1 and she hates it).

Track update!

#1's team got new uniforms, and they are WAY less hideous than the old ones.

Ummmm I don't even really remember how she did at the Thursday meet (it was a dual meet against a school that.... frankly, they're just not really good, so they all treated it as a tempo run/workout). But Saturday's race, she won both of her events - girls frosh/soph 1600 and 3200.

And she won by..... about that much.

I know it's braggy, I don't care.

It's also a little fun to see her listed as the fastest freshman recorded at her school in the 3200, and second fastest in the 1600. Okay, for real I'm done bragging.

I almost can't wait for her to be bumped up to varsity, to put some extra challenge out there for her. It's nice that she's able to win by running fairly easy, but it'd be cool to see what she's really got.

I can't believe I ever spawned a human that can move that fast. Genetics are crazy.


  1. Congrats #1! I love watching these girls succeed at all the sports. So fun.

    Look at you with a PFTW. Is someone baaaack? Don't worry, it will be fiiiiine!

  2. The new uniforms are cute. Congrats to her on the win! And brag, because you can. :) Oh, and my long run is about 6 miles right now too. Nothin' wrong with that.

  3. The new uniforms are better, your daughter is awesome speedy :)

  4. #1 is a badass. Also, I love G's hair. It's crazy how much it's grown. Crazy to think, looking at her, you would never have known what she's been through. i agree with the hubs, I would've freaked the F out. but,i'm used to this humidity crap.

  5. 365 Days Of Aweomeness!!! That Rocks!! Stay Strong & Keep It Up!! Cheers

  6. That earthquake was actually the first one I have felt in a very long time. All the other ones I haven't even noticed. lol.

  7. Awesome #1!

    Earthquakes are better than humidity.<---You got that right!


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