Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. While I was running Disneyland 10k, #1 was running her first cross country event. Okay, not REALLY, it was just team time trials.

She finished in 20:55, 9th place overall female. Since she has pretty much taken a MAJOR break since camp ended in the beginning of August, that's an excellent time. She's so fast! School finally starts for her next week, with her first real meet on the 14th - I'm psyched to see what she can accomplish with some real training.

2. Last week, I ran 3 miles Friday, 6.2 Saturday, 13.1 Sunday, and then decided following that with a 10 mile trail run on Monday would be the best idea ever.

It really was!

It was a beautiful morning - we left super early, and did 10 easy pace miles around Crystal Cove.

Ages ago, I went on a naturalist-led hike in an adjacent park, where the ranger said that there are no mountain lions south of the toll roads (because, DUH, animals know they belong north of the toll roads...). But that paw print was 1. not a dog, and 2. GIGANTOR. It's either a mountain lion, or a dinosaur. Either one, I won't be running that trail alone again for awhile...

3. I feel a little silly recapping the Disneyland Half, since I've done it three years in a row. So here are the pictures, and you can just imagine the caption for all of them being, "THIS IS THE MOST FUN EVER!".

"Where should I stash my needle and thread?" What.

So hot, so sunny.

LOVED THIS STOP. (just before you get inside Angels Stadium)

Almost a full on collision with a wall....


  1. 3+ hours of the most fun EVER.

    #1 is really the fastest ever. We had miles in the DL half slower than her 3 miles :D

  2. Way to go #1!

    Nice photos of Disney. It does look like some hot, sweaty fun.

  3. Number 1 had to get her talent from somewhere. That's awesome! Good job to both of you! I hope #1 can keep her enjoyment of running because at 14, she sounds like she has A LOT of potential in the sport. But it's all about what SHE wants. And you're being a great role model and unconditional support to her regardless of what she does with it.

  4. Looks like such a great time! DL is on my race bucket list.


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