Friday, June 11, 2010

“My homework was not stolen by a one-armed man”

Stacy at Moderate Means posted about her 30 20 goals of Summer, inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop (at I love this!

My 30 things I vow to do this summer.

1. Gym. 3x's per week. Again. (so far, this is getting done!)
2. Go Veg, full time.
3. Family veg meals 3x's per week. Bwaahaaaa. They will eventually be converted.
4. Take kidlets hiking, once a week.
5. Camp, twice. At least? Ambitious? Maybe. (camped once in July!)
6. Bring lunch to work - ok to slide once a week. No exceptions, no excuses.
7. Suck less at being a responsible library patron. ie, go pay my fines, check out some books, and bring them back. Edit: Fines - PAID! Edit - Books checked out, AND returned!!
8. Read more - one book per week.
9. Cook one meal a week with kidlets.
10. Try cooking in bulk!
11. Pick up a new ingredient, and USE it.
12. Call my parents once a week.
13. Invite the cousins over more.
14. Find a big-girl pre-school for Baby.
15. Roll out no 'poo to kidlets.
16. Plant an herb garden.
17. PLAN a veg garden.
18. Red meat down to once per week (for the fam, none for me!).
19. Visit 1 new park in June, July, and August, each. Edit: June - done! Edit: July - done!
20. Update my resume.
21. Cut coffee. Switch to tea.
22. Use some of my 90 vacation hours that I've accumulated. Down to 80!
23. Trim my FB friends list of folks that annoy me. Under 100!!
24. Do another 5K.
25. Use sunscreen! (I am still a failure at this.)
26. Declutter the closets!
27. Organize outdoors stuff - snow gear, camping gear, etc. Edit: Snow gear, DONE! Camping gear is still all residing in the back of the van. You know. For next time. Edit: Camping gear: DONE!
28. Get rid of shoes I haven't worn in last 6 months. Sigh.
29. Consistent bed time, all three kids, all summer. So far, so good!!
30. Be less judgey. I swear it. Sigh. This one is tough.

Edited: I'm being ambitious. 31. Bake an edible loaf of bread. SUCCESS!!!


Fiona said...

Dude. You should use some of that vacay to follow SG to Minneapolis in August for her marathon. Not to run in it, but to cheer her on, and hang out with me. :o)

Moderate Means said...

Be less judgey?!? I don't know that I could accomplish that in just one summer :p

I love #23. I have something I shall make sound important by calling it the Rule of 100. I only keep 100 friends on Facebook. If I add someone, I have to remove someone. Forces me to truly decide who to keep :)

Moderate Means said...

My word verification was "exudeth" and it made me laugh. I have exudeth a giggle over it.


Becka said...

lol @ FB culling. Wow. you certainly are ambitious. I think I had 2 goals for summer and 1.5 of them already done.

JustJen said...

I need a list. Is it too late? ;)

Green V-Neck said...

Hi! So funny, I clicked over here randomly from Org Junkie and see that you are also one of Stacy's friends. Small world!

giraffy said...

@Fiona- I've got Warrior Dash this summer already. Which you ought attend. Free beer!

@Stacy- I exudeth judgyness ;). I should work on that. I lime your rule of 100, and am realizing that I hang on to FB "friends" sometimes just to be judgey at them. That's awful, and I can't believe I just said it.

@Becka- Be better at goal making ;)

@Jen- it's never too late! Make it happen!

@Green V-neck- welcome! Small "world" :)


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