Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. My house looks ilke a craft store exploded in it. So much glitter. So many scissors. Did you KNOW there are a billion types of glue???? I had no idea.

2. I guess I'm practically famous. Or I have pretty famous internet friends.
If I'd know it was emailing out to the Road Runner Sports mailing list, I would have done something to that mess of hair on my head.....

3. I'm featured on the San Francisco Marathon blog today! I know you're dying to figure out how I fit in event planning, working full time, training, kids, a husband, and eating everything, right? Check it out HERE.

BONUS 4. Have you entered the Team Gab Virtual Race yet?? Click here to enter!

Obviously, I have a personal connection that was the catalyst for my fundraising for pediatric cancer research. But, if you have some time, check out this article: Little patients, losing patience: pediatric cancer drug development. I promise that it's not a clinical type of read, but it certainly puts, in normal people words, the reasons that pediatric cancer research is struggling.

Starting with, "Cancer in kids is not profitable".


  1. Ha! I got that email from RRS today and deleted it without looking at it! You are famous even up here in Seattle RRS!!!

  2. Can I have your autograph?
    SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cool that you're famous! Off to check out the two links now.

  4. Great photo! I learned all about fabric glue making a banner last year for my son's communion. I don't think it worked very well!

    I ran my Race for Gab today! Have fun tomorrow : )

  5. Ugh, that last line. Cancer and profit should not ever go together.
    Yay for being famous! A RRS just opened up here in the boonies. I am psyched!

  6. I get an instant headache when I walk into Michael's/Joann's. My head goes wild with ideas & I want to buy the whole store. :) So true about the glue. Too many options!! Love what you wrote for SF blog page. You do a great job Heather juggling everything you do!! :) Where there's a will, there's a way...always!! :) have a great weekend.

  7. +$3,624 profit last week!

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