Monday, March 11, 2013

Plan for the Week

In case you missed it..... this is the best blog post I've ever gotten to write, ever.


Last week, I spent a LOT of time doing prep for the Team Gab (not) Virtual Race/Gab's End of Chemo Party. A LOT of time. A LOT. I've never been one to throw a party, but the internet makes party-throwing look so very easy.

The party was a huge success, and I'll recap that separately, because that isht is full of pinterest-worthy ideas, should you ever feel the need to throw a Dinosaur themed party.

Last week...
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 7 miles, 7x800 - awful.
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: 15 minutes core, 15 minutes sun salutations
Friday: frantic party organizing
Saturday: more partying
Sunday: rest.

I know. Pretty heavy on the "rest", and awfully light on the "running", particularly since I'm 47 days from Eugene?

You can only go up from 7 miles a week, right?

Monday: 30 minutes yoga
Tuesday: 7 miles, with RIDICULOUS CRAZY FAST 800's. I might die dead.
Wednesday: Track Party with PCRF
Thursday: 8 easy (if possible, Gab's port removal is scheduled for this day)
Friday: rest up, because tomorrow....
Saturday: SURPRISE! 24 hour relay. Oops.
Sunday: rest.

Provided all goes well with Gab's surgery on Thursday (and it seems like it's very routine and will not be a big deal at all), I'm running a 24 hour relay for run4kids with Rose. The weather looks hooooot hot hot, but any excuse to hang out with Rose is a good one.

It's as if I'm ignoring the upcoming marathon...


Karen said...

Port removal is a piece of cake. They didn't even sedate me for it (only Lidocane on the skin). :)

The 24 hr race sounds fun.

Average Woman Runner said...

24 hr race the weekend after crazy? Woohoo! So excited for G's port removal.

S said...

Yeah for Gabby!
You are crazy.
Eugene knows you are coming...well, at least I know you are coming and I was in Eugene last weekend.

Becka said...

Hurray for the relay! Sounds super fun!

Pam said...

YAY for Gabby & YAY for running with run4kids (100mileclub) with Rose! I wish I could do it this year but, my little one's birthday is on Sun. I may come out on Sat to check things out. You're going to have soo much fun! Kara & all the volunteers are really doing a great job with everything. :)

Elizabeth said...

24 hr race. yikes-sounds intense!


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