Monday, March 11, 2013

Plan for the Week

In case you missed it..... this is the best blog post I've ever gotten to write, ever.


Last week, I spent a LOT of time doing prep for the Team Gab (not) Virtual Race/Gab's End of Chemo Party. A LOT of time. A LOT. I've never been one to throw a party, but the internet makes party-throwing look so very easy.

The party was a huge success, and I'll recap that separately, because that isht is full of pinterest-worthy ideas, should you ever feel the need to throw a Dinosaur themed party.

Last week...
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 7 miles, 7x800 - awful.
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: 15 minutes core, 15 minutes sun salutations
Friday: frantic party organizing
Saturday: more partying
Sunday: rest.

I know. Pretty heavy on the "rest", and awfully light on the "running", particularly since I'm 47 days from Eugene?

You can only go up from 7 miles a week, right?

Monday: 30 minutes yoga
Tuesday: 7 miles, with RIDICULOUS CRAZY FAST 800's. I might die dead.
Wednesday: Track Party with PCRF
Thursday: 8 easy (if possible, Gab's port removal is scheduled for this day)
Friday: rest up, because tomorrow....
Saturday: SURPRISE! 24 hour relay. Oops.
Sunday: rest.

Provided all goes well with Gab's surgery on Thursday (and it seems like it's very routine and will not be a big deal at all), I'm running a 24 hour relay for run4kids with Rose. The weather looks hooooot hot hot, but any excuse to hang out with Rose is a good one.

It's as if I'm ignoring the upcoming marathon...


  1. Port removal is a piece of cake. They didn't even sedate me for it (only Lidocane on the skin). :)

    The 24 hr race sounds fun.

  2. 24 hr race the weekend after crazy? Woohoo! So excited for G's port removal.

  3. Yeah for Gabby!
    You are crazy.
    Eugene knows you are coming...well, at least I know you are coming and I was in Eugene last weekend.

  4. Hurray for the relay! Sounds super fun!

  5. YAY for Gabby & YAY for running with run4kids (100mileclub) with Rose! I wish I could do it this year but, my little one's birthday is on Sun. I may come out on Sat to check things out. You're going to have soo much fun! Kara & all the volunteers are really doing a great job with everything. :)

  6. 24 hr race. yikes-sounds intense!


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