Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Five

1. I assume this is not the ideal way to train for your goal race?

Admittedly, this week was pretty tricky, so I am kiiiiiind of giving myself a pass, but COME ON, me. I could have ran last night, but instead I invited my cousin over to play. Maybe I'll run tonight, but I doubt it. I will, pinky swear, run this weekend, but I have no idea if I can run 20 miles like I'm supposed to. I KNOW Eugene is going to be twenty-SIX-point-something, which is more than 20, so it would REALLY be ideal to be able to run at least 20? Bah. I have really, really sucked this time around.

2. Gabby was released from the hospital yesterday! Her fever broke overnight Tuesday/Wednesday, and her antibiotics ran their course, and she was set freeeeeeee, after enjoying some hospital food.

mmmmm. bacon.

3. Last time we were here (when she was diagnosed in 2011), we were in the old hospital. Since then, they've completed the oncology floor of a new tower, which is NICE. Not that I'm hoping anyone has a chance to see it, but I'm just saying. CHOC really did a phenomenal job on the new digs. There's a child life playroom, staffed by volunteers throughout the day, where you can drop off the kid for a bit, and go grab some starbucks in the lobby, or... hit the gym. There are treadmills! Okay, ONE treadmill, but still! Had I known, I might have ran Tuesday. (But probably not). Gab was pretty excited to walk down to the gym. Or to walk, in general. She was getting antsy.

that's a treadmill up there!
Plus, all of the rooms now are singles - no more screechy roommates. Sweet.

I kept getting lost in the new tower, and I was pretty grateful for that. I like that I don't know where things are, because I'm not there frequently enough.

4. In case you're wondering, I DO, in fact, feel like a giant asshole for being all "Man, that was SO easy, no hospital stays for us!". I clearly spoke too soon. Since her port removal is still on hold (her ANC is still kind of low, so she's being pretty closely monitored, and will be back for blood check on Monday), I will promptly shut my face about anything concerning recovery and/or end of treatment. Obviously, it's just not quite over.

5. The difference in Gabby since her first visit is ASTONISHING. Last time, she was rude, and wouldn't talk to anyone, and was generally withdrawn and angry. She wouldn't have anything to do with the playroom, or the volunteers. This time, she was all buggy to go to the playroom, and talked to everyone who came in the room.

It's definitely crossed my mind before that her personality seems different. Even before the diagnosis, she was pretty shy and quiet in pre-school. She is the exact opposite of shy and quiet now.

I am really curious how much is drug-induced, if any, and how much was just borne from necessity for her to deal with everything happening to her. It's an intruiging, but really sad, concept.

And, really, I think that's one of the worst parts, for me, is managing the "what-if's" that come to mind. Who would she be, if the last 2+ years hadn't happened?

I guess it doesn't really matter, but I'm curious sometimes.

I know I'm behind on the Team Gab Virtual Race Giveaways - I meant to do them this week, but ran out of time, but I will work on them this weekend!

But in the meantime, I am still fundraising for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, and would appreciate any donations you might want to give, link HERE.


  1. Yeah for Gabby!

  2. So happy for Gabby to be home!

    And, just so you know, it is super duper easy to drop to the half at Eugene. I expect S to do it (again) this year, since he hasn't run in forevah.

    Just saying, if it turns out to be the best choice in a few weeks.

  3. I am happy miss Gabby is home
    I would follow Kim's suggestion and do the half
    And run 12 miles Sunday
    You had a difficult week
    Give yourself a break

  4. I don' tknow if you have read any books by Sherman Alexie (Lone Ranger & Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven, Absolutely True Story About a Part-time Indian are his most famous) but he is AWESOME. He's freaking amazing. Anyway, I heard him speak back in January and he talked about how when he was born, he had hydroencephaly (?). As a young boy, he traveled from his reservation to Seattle for treatments and was exposed to all kinds of people - all sorts of doctors, nurses, psychologists, radiologists, etc. The works. Anyway, he thinks it really did change his life even as a boy because it expanded his world view. He learned to interact with adults in a way that he thought most kids didn't for a young age and taught him about so many different paths people could take.
    Now, he's the richest, hippest, most famous, Native American in the world. Super talented. Snarky. Brilliant. You name it.
    So there could be lots of "what if's" but for this experience but think of the new "what if's" given this experience. You just never know what kind of positive impact she will carry from this into the rest of her long journey.

  5. really interesting thoughts on her personality- glad yall are out of the hospital though! i always wonder if the little ones effected end up involved in cancer research and funding when they grow up. Several of my TNT friends are survivors and it's cool to see their perspective.

  6. Sounds like the treatment has impacted her personality in a positive way, not that there was anything wrong with how she was before...but to be more outgoing and confident is going to help her...

    With my adult patients, I always help them think of keeping the port in a little longer as warding off the evil spirits...not to be in too big a rush to take it out one treatment "ends". But I'm sure that having to go through maintenance of the port is no fun for Gab, or for you.

    It will happen. When it's time.

  7. I'm the same as you, but try not to focus on the "what if's" it will just drive you crazy. You couldn't control what happened then, but you can control how you move forward now. Sounds like you have a strong little trooper on your hands, so go get her a cupcake : )

  8. Hope everything is going okay. I keep checking back to see how Gabby is doing. Sending her love and prayers.


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