Monday, March 18, 2013

Run4Kids 24 Hour & PFTW

From the website: The Run4Kids 24 Hour Ultramarathon, Relay, & BIG Running Party! (R4K24) takes place on a one-half mile loop track at Auburndale Intermediate School in Corona, California. It will run directly in conjunction with our Annual Run4Kids event where our 100 Mile Club® Kids will be running to earn miles throughout the day.

Rose initially wanted to run with a relay team, but she had some trouble rounding up runners - I'm assuming the same weekend as LA Marathon makes this tricky. She reached out to the RD, Kara, she collected the runners who wanted to participate, but didn't have a team, and could only commit to specific blocks of time, and then filled in around them.

And that's how we ended up running as Team Rag Tag...

That's also how I ended up with a 4 hour block of running from 10pm-2am.

The event was really fun, and the 100 Miles Club is a fantastic organization - the kids were SO jazzed about running and counting up their mileage.

If I were looking for a timed ultra (........), this is an excellent choice. The course was a half mile loop, mostly packed dirt, and FLAT. The weather was kind of warm during the day, but only really HOT for a few hours. The rest of the day was comfortable, and cool overnight. Course support was fantastic, there was plenty of food to choose from, and bathroom access.

The half mile distance is pretty nice - it's just long enough to make some headway in your mileage, I think, but not so long that it feels insurmountable when you're tired.
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hour 18.....
There were a variety of food vendors out throughout the day....
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Note: 4 hours is NOT ENOUGH TIME to digest this. It was a really, really poor fueling choice on my part.
It was a great day, it was a fun way to get my mileage in, and everyone there was so, so nice and friendly. It's such a different vibe from road racing, and I really like it.

Despite this.
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Thanks to Rose for letting me on her team!!

Plan for the week!

Last week, hold on to your hats, I ACTUALLY DID STUFF.

Monday: 30 minutes yoga, leg strength
Tuesday: 3.5 with a friend (no Garmin, so no time, just an easy pace)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 7 miles  - 2 at "eh, am I REALLY going to do this?" + 5 easy
Friday: 30 minutes yoga, easy flow
Saturday/Sunday: 3.5 am miles with PCRF, easy pace. 4 afternoon miles at R4K, easy pace. 15 overnight miles, easy pace. 5 miles walking. (Total for Saturday-2am Sunday = 27.5).

Weekly total = 33 running, 5 walking.

Not too shabby. I still don't know that I'd say my excitement for running is back - in fact, I'm really 1. dreading running a full marathon in just 6 weeks, and 2. Really excited for no marathons on my calendar after that.

This week:

Monday: easy yoga (I am TIGHT and ACHY)
Tuesday: 7 miles
Wednesday: Track Party?, yoga, strength
Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: rest?
Saturday: 20 miles
Sunday: 3-4 easy/yoga

It's pretty yoga heavy around here lately, and I'm not sure why... I'm just really enjoying it recently, so I figure I should keep doing it?

Don't forget March is PCRF month for BIC Bands!! Have you ordered any yet??


  1. So, next year, I think you should try this solo. Team Rag Tag can offer race support, and we can have your husband and #1 on our relay team if they want, and you can dig down and see how many miles you have in your tank. Maybe Becca could fly out and you guys could do it together.

    Genius, right?

  2. The most hilarious thing about this is Rose's comment... I started reading it and thought - hey, that sounds fun. Then I saw that she suggested I fly out.


    Anyway, sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm super envious of this grilled cheese truck (even though you claim it was a bad idea).

    YAY for running!!!!

  3. You ran more in one day that I have run in a single week this entire year!


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