Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Five

1. #TeamGab not-so-Virtual Race planning has taken over my life. I am carrying around table plans, and shopping lists, and to-do lists, and I googled a T-Rex stencil this morning. I barely even recognize myself.

(You can check out the SoCal fun run/picnic HERE. Have you registered for the Virtual Race? You can do that, HERE.)

2. BIC Bands has been an amazing partner in my fundraising for PCRF, and I'm excited to partner up with them again for March, in celebration of Gabby being cancer free (in 8 days, not that I'm counting)! You can shop online here, and BIC Bands will donate $1 of every band sold to PCRF and Team Gab.

All purple bands on sale for March (purple is Gabby's favorite), and they've got some great new bands available - the purple chevron print is making it's way to my shopping cart ASAP. I've also been using their new sparkle hair ties a ton lately, and they are phenomenal. They don't budge. At all. 

3. I've been working on convincing The H to take a trip together this summer. We're considering sending the kids to Florida, which would give us an opportunity to... vacation. Together. As grown ups. Without characters. Plus, our 15th anniversary is this summer, which sounds like as good a reason as any. 

I tried convincing him we should buy a Tahiti Groupon deal I saw, but that got shot down fast. Rude.

Any suggestions?

4. I've added a page ^^ up there, with a list of races on my List. For me, traveling for a race is a big deal - it takes time away from my kids, from work, the H, costs a lot, etc etc. Hopefully this list will help me curb some of the questionable race envy that pulls me into registering for races due to peer pressure? 


5. Can we talk about this new "food" at McDonalds?
 Fish McBites. What. 

I mean. I'm certainly not above McDonalds. Their fries are salty, delicious, and perfect. And the sweet tea is glorious. And only $1! 

But Fish. McBites. What. 



  1. Fish McBites. Seriously turns my stomach!

    You're so funny w/ all your racing...I am so not that way--in fact, I could probably use nudging to register for more!

    Vacation sans kids sounds lovely. You should do E. Coast somewhere since you are W. Coast.

  2. go to NYC then you can run along the Hudson : )

  3. Fish McBites sounds almost as delicious as the McRib, which just freaks me out in general. Bleh.

    I could live on their fries, though!

  4. that stinking fish bites jingle is in my head. UGH

    and i vote on Tahiti!!!!

  5. McD fries are perfect.

    Take me to Paris with you.

  6. Fish bites are for the Lent! That is why this time of year you see more fast food resturnats pimping out there fish sandwiches. :) I thikn I need more headbands - purple chevron swoon.

  7. Yeah they sound gross but I can't stop singing fishay fishay!
    Wait purple is her fave? I knew the Gabster was my soul sister!

  8. I can't find my old comment, but I am pretty sure I wrote one a few weeks ago offering to make a ED mix cd? Anyway, I can't find it, so I don't know if you replied. However, I check ED's twitter page and to my delight when I tweeted him a couple weeks ago he wrote back(and flipped out which is so dumb because it was nothing really). When I went back and was looking at who had favorited and retweeted what I saw somebody favorited his reply to me and then realized it was you!! So I added you to twitter. That is all.

  9. The fish bites are gor Lent - most people give up meat. I just can't help but imagine it's Justin Timberlake singing the "Fish-ay Fish-ay" jingle! LOL

  10. I am going to sign up for the virtual race soon! So pumped!

    And will def place a BIC order sometime this month!

  11. I think a FL trip so you & H can have 1:1 time sounds FABulous. And there are nice places in FL, que no? Lots of beach!
    I'm looking forward to my Run for Team Gab on Saturday. I'll have to see what PURPLE business I can wear.


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