Monday, August 15, 2011

Plan for the Week

So, I didn't entirely suck last week.

Tuesday - 4 slow, horrible miles. That first run back kicked my trash.
Thursday - 2 (4x400) with 100RI, 5 miles total. THIS was awesome.
Saturday - 10 HILLY miles on the bike.
Sunday - 10 miles on the treadmill, goal pace 12:10, actual pace 11:44.

I've been slightly freaking out about, you know, that half marathon coming up in THREE WEEKS. The one that I've been in denial about while I took 2 unplanned weeks off of everything. The last long run I did was 7 miles. Really, me? But the 10 miler was awesome, and I felt fanTASTIC the entire time. I briefly toyed with the idea of running 13.1 on the treadmill, but figured I wouldn't push my luck. But I bet I coulda PR'ed.

For this week....
Monday - Cross training, of some kind. And stretching. My left IT band feels tight and achy.
Tuesday - 4x800, 400 RI, 5 miles total.
Wednesday - cross training (no, really)
Thursday - 5 miles, 3 miles at tempo pace
Friday - cross training
Saturday - 11 miles

I forgot how GOOD a long run can feel.

My workout weekend in pictures...
I am in love with G2. Gab loves her Sparkle Skirt :D

Saturday I rode my 12yr old's bike up to work the Team Gabby water stop for TNT. So much fun, and not lacking in the snack options...




The ride there must have been uphill, because I was DYING. I was seriously considering asking the H to come and pick me up. SO glad I didn't, because the ride home was exponentially better. Still hilly, but fun.





Something else I missed about long runs?

Gu. I love that gu'ey stuff.




My Internet BFF bought me these for my birthday last month (while laughing at me). They are MAGIC. My shins/calves/feet feel totally unscathed. I wore them out for a walk later in the day, and got some funny looks, but whatever. I bet the Togo's eating chick with the side-eye didn't just run 10 miles.
Gooooooood weekend.


Becka said...


theAlmostRunner said...

10 miles on the treadmilllllllll amazing.

lauren alysse said...

LOVE my hot pink compression socks! i rock them on all my runs now.

great job on the 10 miler on the treadmill. dont think i could pull that off! :)

good luck with this week's training heather!

Elisabeth said...

10 miles on a treadmill? impressive. i think i would die. really. okay, not die, but hate life. way to get it done!
i may be running disney after all (on someone else's bib). if i do i should really get in a run longer than 3 miles, esp considering how bad sf hurt ;)

Elisabeth said...

also, i have those same compression socks (in white and hot pink). love them. amazing.

misszippy said...

Love that you rode your 12-yr. olds bike like that! Awesome long run!

Emz said...

your photos are freaking amazing.

loved this.

Love the TM photos. you know, I do! ;]

The Jesse said...

10 miles on the treadmill?!? you freakin' rock :)

good luck this week with your training!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Love all the great pictures and I have sock envy! Those pink socks are some I have been wanting! Great job with the ten miler.

JessiePants said...

Stellar socks, glad they are workin' for ya.

Fruit Fly said...

Compression socks have to be sent from above. They are the greatest thing ever (aside from grilled cheese).


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