Wednesday, August 10, 2011

“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

First...... last call for Disneyland Half Dinner Meetup at Cheesecake Factory, Saturday, 9/3! If you're in SoCal, click HERE for info! I'm making reservations tomorrow :).


I've been busy.

Certainly not busy running....


But busy with other things.

Like job wrapping up.

Like welcoming Kid 1 and Kid 2 back home.

Like realizing I need to buy clothes for the New Job. (Because everything nice I owned was too big for me).

Like plotting a possible Summer 2012 FULL Marathon.

Like Fro-Yo with other crazy people.

Anyway. Some snippets of my Girls' Weekend with Gabby, and I pinky swear I'll be running again (24 days to a half marathon, I suppose now is a good time)....


Regarding Oscar the Grouch...

"Mom, he's always so obnoxious at me. His mommy needs to teach him better."


At Target....



Playing Candyland....

"I don't want that card. I want..... this one."


On Shadiness....

"Mom, don't peek. I'm not doing anything sneaky."


How to Play I Spy....

"I spy something SMALL and BLACK.... MY EYE!"



Hide and Seek Like a Professional...


Future Spy (I've seen Alias, I know how this works)...



BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Glad the other clothes were to big!
My daughter always wonders how I can see her during hide and seek... um because you are bigger than a pillow.

lauren alysse said...

gabby is adorable.

and YES for having to buy clothes because old ones are too big. i got rid of a bunch of shorts/pants in the spring because they were too big, and it was an awesome feeling (now the things i have are a little tight thanks to not running, but it should go away!)

Becka said...

Yay on needing new clothes!! Boo on having to buy them though :( So when do you start the new job?? 24 days until Disney? Really? That means I'll be there in like... three weeks. WOO HOO!!

Kerrie said...

Hahaha! "I'm not doing anything sneaky." My son is definitely doing something sneaky when he yells, "Don't wook at meeee!"

SupermomE13 said...

She is adorable!!! Good luck with everything! Awesome that the clothes are too big. Happy problem, right? :)

Sable Weisman said...

Your offspring is all kinds of adorable!!!

The Jesse said...

and what summer full marathon would that be?????????????

{say SF, say SF, say SF, say SF}

JessiePants said...

Beautiful Gabby photos,
"I'm not doing anything sneaky..." he, he he


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