Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not Wordless Wednesday

First up, we took the kidlets to Dland a few weekends ago before the Blackout Dates took over...
Baby totally can't get enough of this carousel. It's the first thing she asks for when we go to Dland, and this time was no different. We were waiting in line, and she saw this SPECIFIC horse fly by, and said she wanted THAT one. And chick would not accept any others. Simply refused. So we hunted down this one by RUNNING around the carousel to find it. Success.
#1 was busy doing this while waiting for us. Heaven forbid someone speak to her. (Yeah, 6th graders, where is all that respect you talked about?!)

The castle is still unimpressive. But #2 likes it.
Second, it's been raining here for SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT. SEVEN. It's very, very wet. And drippy. And, flooded.
This cute little pond is why I picked the apartment we are in today. It was drained yesterday afternoon, and it was barely drizzling when I went to bed last night, but this morning... That's a lotta rain.

Third, Baby had a Holiday Program at her school before she went on break. Any bitching and complaining I might do about my kids, is completely irrelevant when stuff like this happens, when they find me in a crowd... And finally, there's this gem. There truly are no words for this.

In other, non-pictured news, I did decide to back out of the half on Sunday. There's just no way, I'm really just not ready. I did complete 7 miles on Sunday (farthest yet!), but to jump from 7 to 13.1 seems like poor training. What's my goal, with the running, really? It was to kick some ass in the Princess half. Struggling through a half when I'm unprepared isn't going to get me there. I've been following the plan I got from TMB, and it hasn't steered me wrong yet. I'm running pain free for the first time, ever. I'm going to trust that it's the right move, for me.

But, I will be participating in the Operation Jack Satellite Run, and volunteering at the 4.5 mile aid station. Still a medal and a shirt, and some time doing good.


  1. Eek - 7 to 13 does sound like a huge jump! Perhaps backing out of this one will help you be even more awesome at the Princess --- which I cannot believe is just 2 months away. I think I fly there 2 months from today actually!

    Your pictures are making me so nostalgic for Disneyland. I haven't been there since December 2000 ..... but finally I'll be back for the 1/2 in 2011. Woohoo!! Can't wait to see how tiny that little castle seems after all of my years in WDW!

    Miley Miley Miley... gross!

  2. Seriously when will the rain stop?!?! I love the carousel ha! Glad you had fun at the holiday have adorable kids!

  3. OH I love all the holiday programs, so cute! But that miley cyrus book? What in the world can she write about? haha.
    ENjoy a race free weekend and an easy run!

  4. YES! That truly is a perfect mom moment.
    Hmmm..."Miles to Go"...the sale sticker on it DOES give me some hope for humanity, though...SOME hope


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