Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate."

1. I watched the Bachelor for the first time in, like, ever last night with Margot, Margot's super fun roommate, Sarah, and Shannon. Holy hell, those people are all terrible. Why is his hair so bad? Why does that chick have so much botox she can't move her face? WHY CAPES? So many questions.

2. Today is Wine and Dine registration day!! Who's in?

3. Speaking of Disney, I ordered a Disney planning DVD, which came in the mail yesterday. The H almost threw it away. It's like he doesn't even know me.
seriously. Why would he do that?

4. And speaking of Disney planning, Gabby's Make a Wish trip is on my brain right now. Not being in Florida anymore, I feel like there needs to be some research done so we don't miss out on anything. I know. I'm a little.... intense with the Disney planning.

5. Things that have led people to finding my blog in the last 30 days:
  • i'm sorry i love you iphone text
  • why are you here already
  • meeeee hot
  • my awesome boobs blog
  • skinny jeans and platform sandals
  • snooki 98 lbs
  • sweaty sexy squash player
  • african awesome animals

and, best of all.....
  • vagina ponytail

6. Oh, look. Crappy weather is in the forecast for the LA Marathon. Again.

Gross. Sure hope mother nature gets her act together next year; LAM2013 is on my radar.

7. Speaking of Mother Nature (it's like a word association game in here today), I can't believe there's been virtually NO snow this year to go play in. LAME.

8. Does anyone else watch The River? I wasn't sure about it at first, but it's grown on me, and now I'm deeply fascinated.

So damn creepy.

9. I bought some new shoes over the weekend. I plan on testing them out tonight. Sure hope they don't suck, but if they do, I can go back and exchange them. Thank heavens for RoadRunner's 90 day return policy.

10. Hey, did you see how Rose kicked ass at the Pasadena Triathlon!? She's so badass.


Becka said...

You didn't get your fill of snow during Snowpocalypse??


Molly said...

Vagina ponytail?????

I get your Disney planning....I spent 3 hours the other night making a photo book of our Disney trip, I could have made two volumes.

Losing Lindy said...

How do you find out what bloggers search for to find you? I am so curious...

Shannon said...


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Okay. Vagina ponytail. Is that, like, your pubes are so long you could put them in a pony tail?

Also, thanks for the shout out! =)

Taryn said...


I guess the rumor is that they won't renew it for a second season which I find incredibly tragic...it is not really like any other show on TV right now. :(

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Isht. I thought MY blog was the awesome boobs blog. Dang.

Elizabeth said...

how in the world did those words find your blog. so odd. bachelor-there are no words. he is terrible and so is she-they just might be perfect for each other. wine and dine-jealous.

Lisa G said...

I registered for Wine and Dine today! http://slowandsteadywin.blogspot.com

Fruit Fly said...

What the hell is a vagina ponytail???

Blogger said...

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