Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late"

I hear summer is over.

I mean, Orange County seems confused, because we hit some stupid record highs yesterday, at 113 degrees. But, supposedly, summer is done and autumn is here.

My 30 Goals of Summer didn't quite get completely accomplished, but... c'est la vie.

To recap...

I didn't gym as consistently as I thought I might, but I did more often than I normally would have.

Still not vegetarian. Not at all.

Kids hate hiking. Well, not HATE, but... they certainly don't love it yet. And forcing them out did not make it any better, so I ditched this goal entirely.

Camped once, and it was magical. I couldn't squeeze in a second trip, with H's new job, but we have one planned for October.

I do not bring my lunch to work 4 days a week. Well, mostly I do, but sometimes I don't. I may have been using up a billion teeny leftover gift card ends to buy frozen things from Target because I'm too lazy/tired/frantic in the morning to make lunch. It's possible.

We managed to check books OUT of the library, and... this is key... BRING THEM BACK! I know, it's a foreign concept to me, but it seems to work!

Kids don't cook. They were not interested, in the slightest, and I didn't push it. But I like to cook, so it works out.

I rambled in this post about why I do not care for OAMC or bulk cooking.

The farmer's market was a cornucopia of rad new ingredients this summer - dragon fruit, lemon verbena... I bought and used it all! And then didn't blog it, because... lazy.

Sadly, I think The Cousins only made it over once or twice all summer. Which is a bummer, but we're all so busy. Maybe things will slow down over the fall.

Baby is in big girl pre-school, and so far is liking it!

No 'Poo did not make it to kidlets, which I discussed here... I'm still on the bandwagon, but really taking it to that level is more committment than I can take on right now.

Alas, there was also no gardening. My budget just wasn't there with The H not working for part of the summer. I have plans, though, I swear it.

We did visit new parks all summer! June - O'Neill Regional Park (yuck). July - Yosemite (rad). August - Eaton Falls (also rad). There were a few others, that I've not blogged, and really, compared to Yosemite, I think I'd be doing them an injustice. Yosemite wrecked the rest of my summer, really. And, also, I've been meaning to add a tab up there under my bloggy title for hiking blogs, but haven't figured out how, nor have I really had the inclination to research it any further than looking for a pre-built widget. See also: lazy.

Resume is updated and awesome. And ready for when I decide I am going to snap. I can see this, on the horizon.

I'm drinking coffee right now. It's from the office, though, and free, so there's one point for Heather, zero Starbucks.

Vacation hours available: 98. Oops?

Facebook friends have been dropping like flies. I deleted everyone I had hidden. I got nasty messages from some, which did not make me like you any more than I did previously, so... thanks for confirming that.

We're discussing registering for the Dana Point Turkey Trot, 10K. It's looking rough, but... I guess it could happen?

I USE SUNSCREEN! I did the last few times I went hiking, at least.

Closet is still a wreck. I was looking for the second half of Baby's bathing suit last night, and opened the closet, and quickly closed it back up. Scary stuff.

All of our outdoor gear is neatly stored in tubs, in our storage area. It's so rad!

Shoes... Well. I have a bag, full of shoes AND clothes that I haven't touched in months. Okay, so to be honest, it's stuff that the H dug out of the closet that I never unpacked from when we moved. A year ago. So, it's cleared out, but hasn't actually LEFT my house yet, which is kind of the point... Half win?

Kids- bedtime was 9:30 or early all summer. I don't play around with quiet time.

Judginess has served me well, and I'm not quite ready to be rid of it. I am trying to be less vocal about my judginess, but... I can't help it. I judge. And I'm almost never wrong. People ought just suck less.

The biggest accomplishment of my summer... by far... was bread baking. It was magical. I made a crusty artisnal loaf, sandwich bread, pizza dough, pita bread. It was all magical and I think I've eaten more bread in the last 3 months than I've eaten ever in my life. And I really like bread.

So. There it is. Successes and failures. I'm posting a new list for Fall/Winter. Separately. Because this is already really long.


Becka said...

Snapping on the horizon? Heh.

Moderate Means said...

Perfect timing - I was thinking that I had made summer goals but I hadn't looked because I wondered if I would have accomplished any of them! I guess I'll go look...and if you don't see a post about them, know that I didn't ;)

By the way, we turned our heat on yesterday. Yep. We live in two different worlds... Of course, I'll take furnaces in September over 113 degrees so I guess I shouldn't complain ;)

Saturngoddess said...

Wow - you did get much accomplished. I'm gonna have to look at my list and see what I did get done. I'm pretty much a work-in-progress though, and I don't think that is going to change any time soon.


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