Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hiking - Eaton Falls

Inspired by Yosemite's prettiness, I made it a mission to stalk some local prettiness, and stumbled upon Eaton Falls on Yelp. It looked promising, really - wooded canyon trail, stream crossings, waterfalls at the end.

The drive was... l o n g. No matter what time, on what day, the 5 freeway thinks it's Monday at 7am. But we got there, found parking easily enough, and the trail head, even though it was shady looking and weird. But I do appreciate free, so I can't really complain.

The trail down is shady, and rocky. There are several stream crossings, but in mid-August the water level is pretty low - you can make it across easily playing Frogger across the rocks. Unlike my kids (who wore their Crocs), I wore my regular hiking boots, and hopped across just fine. Then, I got to a part that looked like it might get my feet wet if I missed. So, being the smart hiker that I am, I took the boots off to walk through the stream, and promptly dropped one of them right in the water. Because I'm awesome that way. Purpose = defeated. Sigh.

Kidlets decided that traversing straight up stream, rather than criss crossing and rock hopping, was the smart way to go.

After about a mile of this nonsense, you really do reach a small waterfall, with a cute little pool that you can wade in. Rather, that crazy people can wade in, because it's hella cold.

#2 likes to continue proving she's non-human.

Apparently, everyone in San Gabriel Valley had the same idea we had.

A picnic lunch woulda been pretty rad, and had I thought it would take me 2 hours to get there, and another hour to hike a mile (thanks, Baby), putting us at the falls at noon, I would have brought one.

The walk out of the canyon is lovely, until the very end and the little uphill action, but maybe I'm just a whiny hiker ;).


bebe7732 said...

you were in my neck of the woods and no invite? hmph.

giraffy said...

Bish, please. I did invite you. You said you couldn't make it :(.


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