Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's a party... and YOU'RE invited!

One of my favorite bloggers, Moderate Means, inspired this.

It's a Come As You Are party!

The Rules:
If you've read this far, you're now committed! Your reply is requested!

1. What are you wearing? (No cheating...don't pretend you aren't sitting there in yoga pants and an old t-shirt with your hair uncombed!)

2. Who is coming with you? You can choose any or all of the people in the building with you right now!

3. We're hungry. What are you bringing to share with us? No cooking, so grab something and bring it as-is!

4. We're bored. What are you bringing for us to do? Look around and find something in the room with you!

That's it! Easy peasy, right?!

Ready? Go! :)


giraffy said...

1. Today, a black dress, gold sandals.

2. Hm. I'm at work, so my options are limited ;).

3. I've got pretzels, red pepper hummus, and yogurt. I'll share!

4. I've got a cup full of sharpies, and a vast array of colored paper. Go wild!

bebe7732 said...

1. tshirt, tights, uggs, wrap

2. katja, my 3-yr old

3. baked salt & vinegar chips, armenian string cheese and grapes

4. legos!!

Moderate Means said...

When someone who is awesome 365 days a year compliments me, does that make it extra awesome? Because I'm going with it!

I'm at work so I would be absolutely thrilled to show up at your party right now. Let me just grab my keys...

1. Jeans, brown striped button-up shirt and brown plaid shoes. I know it sounds bad but it works.
2. I have a little magnetic bendy person who hangs out on my hard drive. I'll bring her. She's dating the Lego knight my son gave me so I'll toss him in the purse, too.
3. I have a huge mug of iced tea but I already drank out of it so you probably don't want to share. Let me check my desk drawers...Okay, looks like I'm good for 30 Wyler's drink packets, 4 sticks of Extra gum and 7 ketchups. It was 5 until I found them...oops, hope you don't mind that I lready started eating...
4. I have a cafeteria tray. Maybe it will start snowing and we can go sledding? My next best option is a stapler so let's hope for snow!

Anonymous said...

Im in, but I might be a little late... You going to pick me up at the airport?

1. You called it... Yoga pants... Old tshirt. and I havent brushed my hair since this morning...

2. Out of anyone in this house right now?? Im coming alone

3. I made brownies today!

4. Um.... In this room.... couch, tv, computer, xbox360 and my phone and I... So... I'll bring the blackberry and myself. Deal?

About Me said...

1. Black slacks and a colorful artsy swirl off the shoulder top.

2. The cute guy to my right (in public). Hes tall and looks like he probably has a great smile...and could use a bit of silly fun.

3. I'm near California Kitchen and everything they offer is great... One of their classic pizzas. Half meat & half veggie.

4. The LA Weekly - if we feel artsy we can cut it up and make a collage.

Snork Maiden said...

1. Pink flowery pajama pants with yellow hem and black and white piping that are a little too short for me but I pretend they're capries. And an orangy tank top. It ain't pretty, and unlike MM's outfit it DOESN'T work. But I don't curr.

2. The Mr, and may be the velcro Arizona State Monkey.

3. Tea. Salmon caviar on buttered toast. Smoked salmon (it's almost expired tho...)

4. A fuckton of sewing machines. I can hand them out to people, with fabric scraps, and we cam make party outfits!


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