Wednesday, January 13, 2010

“The Internet is a giant international network of intelligent, informed computer enthusiasts, by which I mean, "people without lives."......

....We don't care. We have each other."

It's no secret to anyone who knows me, that I heart all things interwebs based.

I Facebook like it's going straight out of style. I spend a good amount of time on a particular message board that I love. I blog-hop. I read reviews. I watch tv and movies. I chat with people. I make fun of people. I laugh at LOLCats. Fail has become part of my vocabulary. I plan things. I meet people. I'd be lost without it.

I've never been one to need or necessarily WANT friends. I'm fine hanging out alone. When I moved to Cali, I came here alone - the rest of the fam followed about six months later. I had some time to kill.

One of the chicks on that message board lived here, so we started getting together occassionally for some drinks. That turned into jalking on the beach (wherein we pretended to exercise, but really it was just a long walk to the bar). Now we hang out regularly, gym together, and my kids adore her, and the boyfriend.

I found a super cool hiking group on Craigslist. My first time meeting them, we were supposed to do a group trip to Joshua Tree. We were carpooling, and I met them at some 7-11 off the freeway in OC. I get there, and it's these two dudes hanging out.

I rode out to the desert with two random guys from CL and lived to tell. It was pretty great, even.

I like doing things alone, but stuff like hiking... really is better with a group, especially if you're new at it, like me. So, because of the internet... I got to do something I would have never done otherwise.

My ex-roommates broke my car mirror off a few months back. You know what I found online? A step-by-step way to put a mirror back on a 2001 Dodge Stratus. And I did it. All by myself. Tools, and wires, and all. Me! Me who hates getting her oil changed because it's a "Boy Job". ME!

It's also thanks to the internet that I am in Cali. A recruiter in Long Beach found my resume online, and thought I'd be a great fit. I got the call on a Thursday, interviewed Tuesday, was offered the job on Friday, and moved exactly 1 week later. Done. And I couldn't be happier. I love living here.
I find super awesome books to read on, thanks to their "Other people who picked this also picked...." And then I use these reccommendations to seek out that same book at my public libraries (frugal!).

I learned to bento from a chick on my favorite message board, and then learned even MORE about it on Then! Thanks to her Bento Locator, I found a great Japanese market super close to me, which I love.

Another chick I met on that message board came out for a "girls weekend" in May, and has been back twice... Once with her kidlet, for The Weekend of Awesome. She's thinking about moving (and I bet she'll find her job online!), and I realllly hope she does, 'cause she's rad.
This past Christmas Eve, I had dinner with those two chicks, and the Russian's boyfriend (whom she met on that same board. Stalker.), and then we spent the night wrapping my kids' presents and drinking beer. It couldn't have been more perfect. Well, except Squirrel could suck less at wrapping. Suck. Less.
A few years back, on a different message board (that I really don't frequent any more 'cause of a change of ownership. Yeah, Bravo, I'm lookin' at you!), I went to Manhattan all by myself to watch a tv show. Yep. That's right. Sure did. But I met some cool folks (Hi, Phil! Call me!), and had a blast... and dude. I took on Manhattan by myself.

Anyway. The point of all this is, plenty of folk think people hanging out online are weird. That's valid. Perhaps we are. But y'know what? I've found people who are ALSO weird, who like the same stuff I do, and we like each other, and have fun. I've done stuff I wouldn't have done otherwise with the help of the web. I've learned to come out of my shell a bit, and make friends. And so it might sound silly, but... I've proven things to myself, and others, about.. what I'm made of.
So. Suck on that, haters :)


Snork Maiden said...

Christmas eve, we're going to bed, Jesse goes: "Did you ever think you'd have an internet chick staying over here, visiting, while another internet chick comes over with fucktons of presents, and we're all wrapping presents for her internet children"? LMAO No, no I didn't. Gooood times. That CL "hiking group" though.. boy.. you're brave. :D

giraffy said...

I know, I thought about that CL hiking thing after I was IN the car.... and dude says... "Hope you took a picture of my license plate and emailed it to someone. You know, just in case.".


Which I promptly did when we stopped for snacks and gas.

Becka said...

Wow. WTH am I doing in that picture?? Awww, and thanks, I think you are rad too! I also think the J's are awesome. (And trusting, wow, barely know me and give me a key to their house for 2 weeks, lol). I also have lots of super internet stories. Love :)

giraffy said...

I think you were taking a "Suck Less" break from the wrapping. Snork might have broken your spirits a bit that night.

Moderate Means said...

I feel like I'm barging in on a private conversation but I'm so loving this blog that I can't help myself. So... *shove through the crowd and elbow my way to the front*...Hi - I'm Stacy and I love your blog. I think "Suck Less" is the most brilliant resolution ever!

I have more online than in real life friends. My older brother met is his wife online. I have an online store. I sometimes feel like there are two "me"s - the one that everyone in real life knows and the one that my online friends know. I just hope the virtual me is skinnier and wealthier :)

Marilie said...

This group needs some melanin...LOL! I agree with you on the 'net. I have met some great peeps and I seriously go through withdrawal if I can't get online. I love my Crackberry. The weekend before last was HELL without it. Life is not complete unless I update and post foolery on FB with you all.

Fataliya said...

I don't think ya'll heffas know JUST how jealous I am that you meet in real life, and like...hang out and shit. If the casinos in Cali didn't suck so bad, we would have gone there.


Suck Less, Florida. Suck.LESS.


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