Friday, January 22, 2010

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

So, I'm on this frugality kick as of late. And my challenge to myself this week was to not spend any money except for my cash on hand. I took out $40, to cover any miscellaneous gas, dinner with a friend, random grocery needs, my Friday Starbucks, etc.

In order to make this successful, I had to make a plan. I am a sucky planner. I mean, I LOVE planning fun things, like trips. But this
Anyways. This was my menu for the week.
Sunday - Bourbon Chicken, first draft
Monday - Hamburgers
Tuesday - Grilled chicken breast with spinach salad and broccoli (2 & 3 had rice that was leftover from the weekend, and #1 had a sandwich with the leftover buns from Monday)
Wednesday - spaghetti for everyone else, baked potato with salsa and chicken for me (late gym night)
Thursday - Bourbon Chicken (the magical one, I'll post that recipe in a bit)
Tonight - Pizza

Okay. So, I realize a week is 7 days, and this is only 6, but I can't remember what I had Saturday.


Last weekend, I did a mass dumping of all weirdness in my fridge - including the mysteriously vanished Ikea foodsavers that I now need to replace. Sorry, I'm trying to be frugal, but at $4 for a set of 16 pieces, I am not washing some of the funk that was in there.

For some things - like the bourbon chicken - we didn't have quite the right ingredients, so I subbed what I did have on hand, to avoid hitting the market and destroying my resolve.

And it worked!! Success!!

Today is Friday, payday. This is what my fridge looks like:

In there right now, I have... 2 beers (!!), some rum, water, apple juice, milk, some peachy liquor of some kind (!?), eggs, cheese, a bag of spinach, green bell pepper, half of a SmartWater or whatever that I've been semi-drinking for 3 days.

And the freezer.....

Contents: A teeny bag of coffee sample from Cost Plus Worldmarket, an Ikea fishy-shaped ice cube tray, and a bag of frozen edemame.

And the benefit to this is... $2 left in my pocket, and $110 in the bank, after everything has cleared.

That'd be a bit of an improvement over my $5 last week. (I tried to calculate the percentage, but I got confused.)

Plus, adding in the additional cost savings of not having thrown any money away on crap that we didn't eat... well. I'm practically a millionaire now.

I suppose the key to making something USEFUL of this discipline is what I do now. I mean, I COULD use my leftover cash stash to pay for some new makeup. I could take the kidlets out to dinner. I could buy some brown leather boots, that I'm dying for. I could buy a purse. I could... go on and on about what I could do.

So. Is my discipline wasted now if I DO those things? I think so. I mean, I really, really, REALLY want to do stuff, like, ALL of the above. I will probably do a little of some of them. I'm not sure yet. I need to contemplate this.

Feel free to leave suggestions ;)


Snork Maiden said...

GIGIGIGI. Saturday was dress day. We had something incredibly healthy, I'm sure. Like Spinach dip. And other stuff. Phawk.

Moderate Means said...

Fantastic job on the sepnding (or lask thereof, actually!)

I'm in the discipline step right now (insert a dramatic sigh right here) so I vote to save the money (or, if you have any debt, use it to pay it off more quickly.) Boring, but such is my life right now. If that's too incredibly dull, maybe turn half into an entertainment fund and spend it on something fun? In which case I vote for a purse ;-)


giraffy said...

Haaaahahahaa. The Spinach dip. Right. It was happy hour. Riiiiight.

In my defense, I did have a chicken wrap, cut into 1 inch pieces, so it's like it was all bite size, which we all know doesn't even count.

Stacy, I dislike being a responsible grown up. lol.

Anonymous said...

Now I have a mission... teach Giraffy to Stockpile her food, so she is never paying full price. - Nem

giraffy said...

Nem. I shop what's on sale, sweet pea. But, since I do not like to eat canned or boxed food.... that means shopping weekly, not stockpiling for TEOTWAWKI.


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