Tuesday, January 26, 2010

“I'm not into working out. My philosophy: No pain, no pain.”

I am not really a fan of exercising. I mean, I always feel better when I do, but.... I'd really prefer to feel better by sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching Alias for the 47,901,023th time. Sadly, that does not really work out well for me.

My friend Snork had been harassing me to join her gym. I resisted, 'cause... I figured, there's a "gym" at my apartment complex. And a hot tub. Why would I pay to use someone else's stuff if I don't even use MY stuff?

I FINALLY gave in at the end of December. I mean... yoga class, then hot tub? That sounded pretty great, AND, it's only $26 or something a month.

Also, I had this grand idea that I would pop into the location by my office and run during my lunch break. Haaahahhahahaaaa.


Anyway. So I did sign up. And, I'm super, beyond words psyched, to say that I think I like it. I mean, I don't really like sweating, or working hard, but.... I feel so accomplished at the end of the night! Like... the other day, I hopped off the treadmill and proceeded to spend an additional 2 hours doing OTHER STUFF at the gym, and it was pretty great!

I've been trying to head in 3 times a week, at least, and usually it works out okay, 'cause Snork and I try to motivate each other... some nights I'm not feeling it, some nights she's napping... but I don't think we've flaked on it yet. The hot tub incentives help. Plus, I really kid of dig the yoga classes.... I'm pretty bendy already, but the yoga helps. Snork's boyfriend is pretty fun to watch... he's a big fan of corpse, and childs pose. My balance is still crappy... I cannot do this... Like Snork can....
I think I still hate the circuit business... I think Snork and I are opposites, because I think my legs are stronger than hers, but her arms are stronger than mine.
Anyway. The whole business is pretty successful, so far, and I think I had a breakthrough the other day hitting week 2 of the Couch 2 5K program.... I have this idea that I'm going to run a 5K in June... primarily, because of the super-awesome Restaurant Row spread at the finish line. Priorities, people.


Moderate Means said...

Gee, if I lived closer to you, I could join you on those lunchtime runs! Hahaha!

That pose looks so incredibly painful. I think I pulled a muscle just looking at it.

Snork Maiden said...

Umm, my legs can take your legs in a leg contest any day of the week.

And, hotdamn I look good in "Bird of Paradise". Is this the view you get for an hour 3 times a week? $26 is way too cheap.

Romadant said...

29th Annual Corona Del Mar Scenic 5k... hmmmmm.

Marilie said...

You can run a 5K in June with no problems! You have plenty of time to get ready.

In other news, not only can I NOT do that crazy azz pose that Snork is doing, I simply have no urge to do so!!! Nothing but an ER visit waiting to happen. LOL!


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