Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Dates were published yesterday for Wine and Dine 2013!! Who else is in?!

2. Tonight is tempo night.... dun dun DUN. I will run tonight. Fast. WILL. Hopefully.

3. PSA: This is TOO MUCH STUFF to go through the self checkout! And if you require 4 people to figure out how to do it? You're not SMART enough to use self checkout. Please go to a regular line.




(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Will you tell me the dates for Wine and Dine 2012 since I can't find it myself? Isht. I tried. Sad face.

Fruit Fly said...

Wine & Dine ... I am soooo there!! Now that we KNOW the dates I'm trying to not go crazy and plan every second of that vacay. It is going to be AWESOME!!

Tempo runs. I haven't done that in ages. I should.

I wish I could see that photo - but I have a vision! I love self-checkout. I try to never buy too much at one time so that I can always go through and do it myself.

Fruit Fly said...

I need to get working on my costumes now. Too soon?

Becka said...

I hate self checkout. I totally suck at it. Even A can scan stuff better than me. Boo me. Wine & Dine!!!!

chacha said...

I had my tempo run this morning (4mi@8:06). I had to beat my mind into submission to complete it on pace. And I only had the incline set to 0.5%, so I know at 1% I'd have been crying uncle. I think this week of higher mileage is catching up. Thank God a back/step down week is coming next week.


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