Monday, November 21, 2011


I use Foursquare a LOT on the weekends. I don't know why, nothing is THAT exciting or interesting. But I do.

And only on the weekends. I'm not sure why; it's a weird quirk.

My weekend started with a walk with The H to pick up some breakfast. I tried to talk him into racing me to a stop sign, but he shot me straight down FAST. Rude.

Look! We have autumn in OC!

Kind of.

These little creepers hang out everywhere when it rains. And, um. That one is naked. Eek.

There's a rad little donut shop down the street from me that makes donuts fresh, 24/7. Donuts and coffee. Freaking delicious.

Then, headed to the mall. With two of my favorite things.

I am fairly desperately in need of (more) (smaller) work clothes. But, I'm also jaded. I hate hate hate clothes shopping, so very much. Hate. A lot. I'm never happy, I always hate how I look, I'm generally a bitter, angry shopper when it comes to clothing (let's discuss shoes and purses, though....).

But Saturday. Something magic happened. I did not want to kick myself while in the dressing room. I tried on some ridiculous things
(I did not buy the dresses. Maybe if I were going to Vegas...)

So there were winners, and there were definite losers... but the losers were all because... stuff was giant on me. That's new.

Next check-in? Target.

But apparently the WRONG Target.

Gabby wanted to go to the Target with a giant tower. I thought this was a giant tower.

I guess not so much.

I needed eggs. They were out of eggs. Rude. But I did snag another pair of....

Most brilliant invention ever, and I apologize for all the times I made fun of such a ridiculous garment. I was wrong.


Then. We made a glorious discovery.

Man. I have REALLY missed Cuban food, and this stuff was stellar.

Off to another Target to buy eggs....
I go often....

Also out. RUDE.

Apparently there's a giant Target egg shortage in OC? Who knew.


Sunday, super duper early, I hit up a local theater to pre-screen Breaking Dawn before 1 & 2 saw it. I read the books (more than once...), so I know there's baby makin' happening.

Summary: Meh.

Tried on more clothes that I didn't hate!!

My socks, festive, right? (Here's a secret: we got some exciting news from Make a Wish last week, that I'm not sharing yet. Hint. Hint.).

Grabbed my first Caramel Brulee of the season from Starbucks - best drink EVER. I keep forgetting to pay with my Sbux card... fail on me.

Headed home - outdoor malls may be one of SoCal's best features, but less so when it's raining all day.

Gabby and I spent the rest of the day baking things.

#1 and I watched Ghost Adventures in between baking adventures. Which was followed that night by her not falling asleep for HOURS because she freaked herself out (That's cute. Not really.).

Skyped with my youngest sister and my niece and nephew...

Gab was SUPER CRAZY-EYED PSYCHED about something

And then we put a puzzle together....

....the end.


Becka said...

I also go to Target a lot. I think Foursquaring would only tell me I have a serious Target addiction. Love all the pics!

And you look GREAT in your clothes pictures. <3

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Long post for you, missy!

I really liked that first black dress, a lot. You should go back and get it and wear it in Seattle.

Caroline said...

never seen that before

Cotter Crunch said...

i need to try jeggings, but i am scared.
You look great, smokin hot. and tell Gabby her hair is looking so stylish. LOVE IT!

theAlmostRunner said...

I can't believe someone said they've never seen jeggings before. Anyway, you had the best weekend. No one should even try to compete.

theAlmostRunner said...

Except for the eggs, maybe.

Fruit Fly said...

That snail and slug are soooo tiny! How cute! I just love snails. I pick them up all the time. Not slugs.

I am eating donuts while reading this.

Aw, Princess weekend. That was so fun. I miss it.

Go get that black dress and wear it in Vegas with me next weekend! ;)

Should I be getting jeggings?? I always just make fun, too. I've never even tried them on.

You in a dressing room.... you look freaking HOT!!

I want to come over and play with Gabby. She's so cute. And I want to spy on #2 and see her mischievous ways. Don't get me started on #1. She's stalking me. Everywhere I go, I feel her lurking.

I have to google foursquare now. I feel like I'm missing out.


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