Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 10 PFTW

Last week....

50 squats

50 squats
Lunges (10lb) - 3x10
Pushups - 3x8
Bent over rows (15lb) - 3x12
Single-leg bridge - 3x15
Sit-ups (10lb) - 3x12

100 squats
4 miles easy

50 squats
Chest press (15lb) - 3x15
Reverse fly (10lb) - 3x6
Overhead press (1 set 15lb, 3 sets 10lb) - 3x10
Leg lifts - 3x12
Figure-4 oblique crunches - 3x12

100 squats
4 miles speed (lol "speed")

150 squats

20 squats
8 lovely miles

According to Strava it's been appx a million weeks since I've run that far, so imagine my surprise when it was a really great run. I'm probably going to win Austin Half Marathon.

It was a beautiful day for a run - a little breezy, but chilly, and I really love this trail through our neighborhood.

This week
Monday - I did nothing but sit, cook, and eat
Tuesday - Strength
Wednesday - 50 squats, 4 miles easy
Thursday - 70 squats, Strength
Friday - 90 squats, 4 miles "speed"
Saturday - 100 squats
Sunday - 150 squats, 9 miles


Becka said...

I'm really excited that we will win the Austin half marathon together. Should we hold hands across the finish line??? SAY YES!

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

Love it! Want that picture of the win!


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