Thursday, February 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I guess complaining for the world to see is what it takes to snap me out of a running funk?

I don't want to speak too soon, but both of my runs this week have been.... good?? Trust me, I'm knocking on wood while I type this one-handed.

It's been so long since running felt GOOD, I'd forgotten what that was like. It's a welcome change, I tell you what...

In case you missed it, I'm fundraising for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, in honor of my daughter, Gabby, who is currently nearing the end of her leukemia treatment.

I choose to fundraise for PCRF, because I believe - strongly - in their mission: “To bring hope and lifesaving treatments to children battling cancer.” 

Last night, I attended the Team Captain kick off event, as we head into the fundraising season.

The things that PCRF does with the money donated - it makes a difference. It makes a difference in lives of children fighting cancer RIGHT NOW.

One of the statistics shared last night was regarding non-hodkins lymphoma. The treatement protocol for NHL used to be 2 years of rigorous chemo, sometimes radiation, and resulted in a 40% survival rate.

Today, the treatment is 90 days, and a 95% survival rate.

These changes are because of studies that PCRF has funded.

I'm asking for help, in a few ways:
If you're local, and not already committed to OC Marathon, I'd love to have you join Team Gab on May 5th - you can click here to learn more about the Reaching for the Cure events (there's a half, 10k, 5k, and 5k walk). Team Gab is open to anyone.

If you're not local, join the Second Annual Team Gab Virtual Race! In addition to MEDALS this year, there are great prizes donated by Nuun, PRO Compressino, Aspaeris, Team Sparkl, and BIC Bands. Click HERE to register. There is some chatter of an OC fun run/picnic/margarita/beer festivity on March 9th, as well.

If you're not a runner/walker/cyclist/swimmer/hopscotcher - you can still donate! Click HERE to make your tax deductable donation to PCRF.

As always - THANK YOU. It truly, truly makes a difference, not just for this one.

But also for the 28 other kids who will be diagnosed with cancer TODAY (stats here)

FINALLY, on a happier note....
I don't really pay attention to the "stats" for my blog - but I sometimes glance through search terms that lead people here, just out of curiosity.

Some of my favorites over the last month:

does evan dando have kids? - Oh, Evan.....
batgirl las vegas 2010 - wasn't me
funny boob names for races - confused. are you naming your boobs? naming your team after boobs?
how to be really fast runner in 365 days - sorry, my friend. wrong blog.....
why is bridge being a little bitch - haaaa. why, indeed.
zebragiraffe - what?
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - sounds rough....
cim neighbour bilding an ark - an ark? they might have needed it, with the typhoon and all...
forehead wrinkles - are you talking about my TV boyfriend, Agent Michael Vaughn?!
jabberwocky creature - intrigued.
little forehead wrinkles - are you with that guy, up there?
super sexy make out ideas - sorry, friend, I've been married 15 years. I'm all out of ideas (also, I have children who read the internet machine, so I wouldn't share them here if I did have ideas)

And, strangely enough, one of my most frequently viewed posts? The one I did about my grocery shopping for $75 a week. 

Huh. Maybe lifestyle blogging brings in the cashflow more than medicore runner blogging....


  1. People do not find my blog with as interesting searches as that.

  2. Not sure if you watch Biggest Loser but week they were whining about $70/week per person. Husband kept telling me to shut up because I was could not get over how ridiculous it was that they thought this was not enough money. We spend less than that for two people including ~2 bottles of decent wine.

    It doesn't surprise me people read your $75/family post given how it seems most of America is like the BL contestants.

  3. Lifestyle blogging probably does bring in more $ (and more goodies) but I say write about what you love. ;)

  4. interesting stats :) so glad i can bike for PCRF.


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