Friday, April 6, 2012

I ain't sayin you ain't pretty

  • When was the last time I did bullet points?

  • My to do list today after work: 1. pick up chemo at the pharmacy, 2. stop at REI for Nuun and GU.

  • The AC in my office has gone wonky. It apparently doesn't run at night (fine), because it's warm when I open my office. Then, around 10, for 10 minutes every half hour, it runs FULL BLAST. That makes it FREEZING (not fine). I don't like to be cold. I'm pretty much getting hypothermia.

  • I am running 20 miles tomorrow. TWENTY. Do you know how far that its? IT'S FAR.

  • I've been mildly obsessed (shocking) by Evan Dando performing Different Drum for... oh... weeks. I know. Someone should stop me.

  • Goofy registration opens next week. Who's running? (Psst, I am)

  • Actual Wine and Dine planning has begun, too. I am SUPER SUPER STOKED for this one - a bunch of my non-bloggy friends are running. So excited.

  • I had a tempo run last night. I really hate tempo runs, but every now and then one isn't SOO bad, and I think it could be less horrible than I think.

  • Warm up was dreadful. Everything hurt. And not just, like, man my legs sure are tired I've been doing so much hurt, like motherEFFER that hurts ow, maybe I should stop. But sometime between mile 1 and 1.5, the ow stopped, and my body realized I wasn't just stopping. And it decided to play nicely.

  • Actual tempo run: Scheduled for: 2@10:30, 2@10:00, 1@9:30. Actual: 10:30, 10:21, 10:01, 9:46, 9:14. Take THAT, tired legs.

  • Um. I also registered for my 4th marathon. Before I've done my first one. I KNOW. IMS Arizona - registration is only $35 right now. I think it goes up pretty soon, but even with the increase it's CHEAP. Do it. This crazy and THIS crazy will be there too.

  • I got an email Wednesday about a caramel blizzard at Dairy Queen. I know exactly what I'm doing Saturday afternoon.

  • Go wish Haute Running Mama happy birthday!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

JUST a Blizzard after 20 miles? If I ever run that far, I'm getting a Happy Meal, Blizzard, Coldstone "Love It" and a caramel apple empenada for dessert. You go girl! Own that 20!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

good luck on the twenty
only crazy people do goofy (i'm considering it)
woot woot random marathon registration

Yo Momma Runs said...

I loved IMS this year. Totally worth $35 for the slightly downhill course!!!

Caroline said...

4 marathons!
all in 2012?
I know you have Seattle and SF
now Arizona and what else?

go get that 20!

Caroline said...

4 marathons!
all in 2012?
I know you have Seattle and SF
now Arizona and what else?

go get that 20!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to be CRAZY with you :)
IMS AZ is going to rock. xx

Karen said...


chacha said...

So I generally hate running the treadmill, but when it comes to tempo runs, I prefer it. Which is odd. Maybe because it forces me to run fast whereas on the road, it's just so easy to slow down. I hate road tempos. I tolerate treadmill tempos.

chacha said...

4th, huh? You are officially crazier than I thought you were!

You really can't beat $35 for marathon. That is ridiculous.

Alma said...

20 miles- how did it go? The suspense is killing me. So you know, after each of my 20 miler's last year, I had burger, fries, and shake. (That was just course 1) I hope you added to that blizzard?

Fruit Fly said...

I liked this bullet point list. It had a lot of good stuff. I'm so bummed I'm not going to be there for Wine & Dine. I will whine and dine on crap while you are running, mmkay? Great.


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