Monday, March 22, 2010

“Joy is not in things; it is in us”

Cheesy, I know. But. Sometimes it helps to be reminded.

We found out last weekend (while I was cruising) that The H's job is being eliminated, sometime between May and July. The good news is, he'd be eligible for unemployment (woohoo?).

So, my frugality stint that had been sort of a game for me previously, is back with a vengence today. I'm eating a super awesome turkey sandwich on wheat, no mayo. If I'd packed smarter, I'd have had lettuce and goat cheese on it, but I forgot both at home. Sigh.

Cable is still gone, so nothing has changed there, except I realized I don't miss it, and all of my panicking when we dropped it was for naught!

In recent awesome news...

I discovered the most awesome farmers market near UCI. It had a great variety of organic/non-organic produce - most of it grown locally. Some of the smaller vendors seemed like they do grow organically, just haven't been certified. There was a chick selling fresh garlic and herb goat cheese... which was pretty heavenly. Fresh baguettes, grass-fed beef... all pretty great.

And then there was this beauty.

Quite honestly, the hats were weird, but not anything too exciting... and then I saw The Face. And I had to have a picture to share. And dude... the chick running the booth?! You would have thought I whipped out a crochet hook and started dismantling her hats right there, with the fit she threw about me taking that picture. Honestly, had she just been like, "Hey, could you not?"... this picture would have been deleted. However, she was a bitch, and now, this picture graces everything I can think of to post it on.

Cruising last weekend was super awesome, and Snork was heaps of fun. Plus, she brought the rum, so... Kisses! Someday I'll post pics.

I took kidlets to Dland Sunday and renewed my annual pass. For just $18 a month, I can enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth every day, excpet black out dates! Woot!

It's springtime in SoCal, which means it's wildflower season! I haven't gotten to get much hiking in lately, since it was raining, and raining, and then cruising, etc. We did hit Caspers Wilderness park this past weekend, and I think we're doing Crystal Cove next weekend, so I'm pretty psyched. Baby was NOT a good hiker at Caspers, though, so we may have to stay away from the Wilderness Park until she learns that she cannot, in fact, run ahead in a park with mountain lions. I know, I'm a mean mommy.

Sprouts has berries on sale this week... Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries... all for $1.49 a container! Sweet! I'm eating blueberries currently like my life depends on it.

I have kind of sucked at gym going. Which is exponentially suckier, considering the amount of food consumed over Cruise weekend. Tomorrow, though. Tomorrow. That gym is my bitch.


Moderate Means said...

Sorry to hear about the job loss - so stressful!

The berries sound so good! I think I need to relocate to California :)

Jill said...

Job loss ... seems to be an epidemic, and yet they (the politicians) keep claiming things are getting better.

Hopefully he'll be able to find something new without too much trouble. Fortunately you've been through it all before and you know the drill.


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