Monday, May 12, 2014

Week in Review / PFTW

Wow, was last week LAME.

Monday: rest 
Nailed it.

Tuesday: speed work
5 miles, with 5x800. Goal was 8:24-8:02 - actual was for sure on the high end of that range, but it wasn't the worst ever, so success!!

Wednesday: XT
17 min abs and a short (SHORT) arms video. This was the beginning of the end...

Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing

Sunday: "long"
Actual was 4 super terrible awful lame miles, and then I quit, because apparently now in addition to being lazy, I AM A QUITTER. (I'm not that bummed about it, I really just hated every second).

9 miles for the week, because I'm a super-star.

Thursday, Gab had her regular check at the cancer clinic. For the first time since we've been going there in 2011, they didn't remember her name. THIS IS SO EXCITING.

I would barely even know it's the same kid, if I hadn't taken both of those pictures.

Friday, #1 raced in League Finals, and took 4th in the 1600 and WINNER in the 3200 - with a new meet record!
so fast, you can't even seeeee her
They did medal ceremonies for each race, and for every race, the kids used the podium right.. until it was #1's turn, and then she turned it into a party.

join me, everyone!
FINALLY, FINALLY track season is over. Thank goodness.

And then Saturday was #2's birthday. I'm not thrilled about having TWO teenagers, because it does not even seem possible that I'm that old. HOW.

To celebrate, we took her to the track to practice long jump for her meet next weekend. She's so lucky to have me as a mom.
I don't know anything about long jump, but this looks fancy and impressive to me.


PFTW, and maybe this time I mean it?

Monday: XT - arms/core
Tuesday: 5 miles tempo; run club, unless it's too hot for my delicate nature
Wednesday: 3-4 easy, XT
Thursday: Long (12-14)
Friday: rest, yoga
Saturday: 6-7 easy; XT
Sunday: #2 is racing!!

I don't even know what happened to me last week, I got really caught up in sudden job-hunting mania, and just couldn't tear myself away? I don't know.

The forecast this week is unpleasant ("sizzling sunshine" ???? WHAT??!?!), so while I'd love to go to run club Tuesday evening, I will even more love to not burst into flames.


  1. That sounds pretty relaxing, all those days of nothing!

    Gabby looks totally different!

    And also, yay for #1 and looking forward to #2 running this weekend!

  2. Obviously, you ARE a superstar. And it's rubbing off on your awesome kids!

  3. Great job to #1 and I love that she pulled everyone up with her. What a gal!

    I used to do long and triple jump, loved them both so much. Good luck to number 2
    and hooray for Gabby!

  4. #1, 2, and 3 all rock!! :)

    I saw a physical therapist a LOT through cancer treatments. A few years later, I went back when my sis had therapy and he didn't even recognize me, but it was a good thing. Glad Gabby is finally able to be in that stage too!!

  5. When I saw G's pic on instagram I wanted to cry tears of happiness. It's crazy to think that wasn't THAT long ago. She looks amazing. Also, your kids seem to all have natural athletic talent. Happy bday #2

  6. Lots of happiness to go around.


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