Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Awesome/Not Awesome

1a. I've been super exhausted lately. Last night, I think I went to bed and was passed out by 10pm. Awesome.

1b. Until I woke up, sweating and heart racing, at 3am, because I'd been dreaming about running from zombies. Not just, like, jogging through the woods from zombies. Like, with my entire family - all my kids, my parents, my brother and sisters, all of us. IN A SMART CAR. I don't even know. It was stressful. Today, still exhausted. I feel like I stressed out, all night. Not Awesome.

2a. Disneyland Half Marathon is this weekend, and with that, comes Becka and A!!!! I love when they visit, and so does Gabby - she's been counting down the days until they get here. Awesome.

2b. wtf.
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Not awesome.

3a. I got 400's back on my schedule this week. I LOVE 400's. Awesome.

3b. That's what I thought Sunday when I saw that on my schedule. Turns out, I like them a lot less when I haven't been doing ANY speedwork. They're fast. And hard. It was not awesome.


Anonymous said...

1a - Oh my gosh this makes me feel so much better. I got home from riding the bike at the gym & coaching soccer practice, whipped up dinner straight away since it was 7:30 and sat down on the couch to work for a few minutes around 8:30. Finished work and apparently passed out in my workout clothes unshowered. Looks like it's sheet changing day!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

The weather this weekend is ridiculous. IA/NE looks the same as SoCal? Honestly, who races on Labor Day weekend? It's still summer! I blame B for all this crazyness.

Heather said...

The weather is making me sooo sad :( I was totally looking forward to mid 60s... ick, ugh, blah.
Why don't I have your phone number in my phone? I thought I did. No idea what happened. Will email you mine, hopefully we can meet up!
What corral are you in? B for me.

Becka said...

Cannot wait. I foresee TONS of whining about how hot it is. While we are prancing through Disney <3

See you tomorrow!!!!

chacha said...

Zombies, huh? Knock on wood, but I haven't had a bad dream in a very long time.

I'm not even sure my imagination could could conjure up what a zombie might look like.

Fruit Fly said...

Smart Cars are so bizarre to me. No wonder you were freaking out about the zombies. I wouldn't feel safe from anything in a Smart Car!!


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