Monday, March 28, 2011

Manic Monday

1. Plan for last week: Went fine, except I skipped yoga and inserted instead an effton of foam rolling.

2. Plan for this week:

Monday - Suck Less Program

Tuesday - 5 miles easy

Wednesday - Suck Less Program, Yoga (see how I keep putting it there, like it could happen?)

Thursday - 5 miles, hills or temp. Tough saying.

Friday - Suck Less Program Saturday - 8.5 with PCRF

Suck less at hydrating - 64oz a day.

3. Saturday was an ugly day in the Giraffy household. We got report cards Friday, and they were less than stellar. Not awful, but certainly not what 1 & 2 are capable of, or what I expect from them. TV, video games, and computer times were cut waaaaaaaaay back.

That led to some unrest throughout the day.

Then we went to Target, and things started to unravel. And resulted in 1 & 2 screaming at each other in the kitchen because they both think the other is awful and annoying the worst sister E V A H. Drama queens.

4. I had some conversation Friday with someone that cemented one of the reasons I live here and how much better my life has been since coming here.

5. I finally caught up on Community last night. WHY is Joel McHale making his hair look dumb?

6. We might have done this for dinner yesterday....

7. After spending hours stalking random blogs of people in Kings Canyon and Yosemite and Sequoia, I've decided I want to hike the John Muir Trail. I'm betting it's not going to happen this year.

8. After much deliberation, during which I pouted and melted down about wanting to spend spring break somewhere in mountains, with giant trees, on the water, I had a really tough time balancing that with the billions of dollars it would take to fill up my mini van and trek up to what I deemed "Pretty Enough" (read, 5 hours away). So, I think we're going to San Diego, and hitting the zoo, if Gab's doctor approves.

Not quite the same.


  1. The zoo is cool! I haven't been there in DECADES!! I mean I was in the SECOND grade when I went there. I remember a bird landed on my leg. Stood there. Flew away. Left a little present on me. And then a gorilla was throwing up and then eating it. Repeat that over and over -- and I couldn't stop watching it!

    The kitchen fight - ah, things I never experienced as an only child, but can kind of try to imagine!

  2. That "dinner" looks AWESOME!
    I was a zoo keeper and have always heard that San Diego is kind of the Mecca of zoos. So, although not your first choice I hope it'll be a fun time for the fam.

  3. That dinner does look stellar..are there croutons in there? : )
    I'm sorry gas is so damned expensive for you and me both.

  4. What are you eating? It looks like ice cream, croutons, parmesan cheese, bananas and red peppers. I'm confused.

  5. Coconu froyo, fruit, coconut on top... The crouton globs are cheesecake chunks!

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