Monday, August 9, 2010

Meal Plan Monday!

I am giving this (another) shot... but (hopefully) giving myself enough wiggle room to be comfortable... I'll probably switch some of this up, and trade days, so.. I guess really, it's more like "Stuff I'll Make For Dinner Sometime This Week".

Monday - Pasta Carbonara
Tuesday - Roast chicken
Wednesday - Chicken Tacos
Thursday - Hamburgers
Friday - Pizza (homemade)
Saturday - Kids' Pick night, probably something Japanese
Sunday - no plan

#1 picked up a Japanese cookbook at the library this weekend, and she's dying to try it out, so we have plans Saturday to go for sushi, hit up the Japanese market, and let her make dinner.

Sometimes, I really wish I could get better at sticking to menu plans... But then I consider this, and... really, I don't run to the store all willy-nilly to pick up stuff; I tend to make do with what I have. My grocery budget is probably under $75 for 5 people - I'm pleased with that. We have one staple item that we use pre-made (H cannot let go of his Aunt Jemima Complete pancake mix), but everything else is homemade. I'm going to call us... above average. And, also, humble.

As always, I'm linking back to, and someday, when I grow up, I can be more like her.

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Just Little Ole Me said...

Oh I'm so happy I've found a personal meal planner! :) j/k...I'm totally into this stuff, budget, menus, and yes I've got a goal to do a half! I'm glad I "ran" across your blog!


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