Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I have been slacking a bit on the cooking at home front. I missed the farmers market a few weekends ago, haven't felt motivated, and just all around been lazy. Also note, the lack of witty quote up there. See? Lazy.

Today, my friends, is a new day.

I mean, I'm still not super motivated, but. I AM tired of not eating good stuff, and I AM tired of spending money on junk.

I am definately NOT an organizing junkie, but apparently someone is. So, here goes.

Monday - Weekend leftovers (heeehehhee. I know, I suck. Already. And it's only Monday!)
Tuesday - Bourbon chicken, rice, green beans
Wednesday - Hamburgers
Thursday - Individual pizzas
Friday - Lemon pasta with squash and zucchini
Saturday - Lasagna
Sunday - Quesadillas

I'm not sure what the "rules" are for Meal Planning, but these days are not set in stone. I might switch up a couple days if I'm feeling fiesty. But the meals are there, I have everything on hand, and by golly, we are sticking to it.



Zom G. said...

Don't those lulls just drive you nuts. Can't be compelled to cook and hate what you are buying? That described me about two weeks ago. Let's drop "lazy" and go with "taking a creative break." There. We feel better already. Lovely menu anyway!

JustJen said...

What I found easy (again, my family is smaller ;) ) is to combine items, so that if I cook more, it can be used for another meal.

Example, if you're having chicken on Tuesday, maybe cook extra and then have chicken quesadillas the next night. Even if there isn't as much as you might normally make for the next meal, it's still a compliment.

And on your rice, not sure if you're better than I am at measuring out how much to cook, but then I might have 2 night later, rice accompanying the next meal. Add some cheese and brocoli, and you've fixed up the leftovers and saved a little time on cooking something new.

of course, all of this works better in theory than practice in my house! haha.

Looks good and having a menu is 1/2 the "what do I do tonight" battle.

giraffy said...

@zom- welcome! I love it, and I'm totally stealing it.

@Jen- I'm half Asian married to a puerto rican.... I'm a pro at rice ;). I do try to do "planned" leftovers, but I think #1 has turned into a bottomless pit garbage disposal version of my daughter. Leftovers are few and far between lately ;).

Snork Maiden said...

I just discovered dry gravy packet mixes at Ralphs. I wish I had a closet freezer for all of Costco's chicken, and I would just chicken and gravy it up for 4 months straight, every night..

giraffy said...

Snork. You make me sad. That sounds vile.

giraffy said...

I feel like I need to cook for you, all the time now.


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