Sunday, November 12, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 4 / PFTW

Last Week...


  • 35 min run 
  • Front squats (40lb) - 3x10
  • Squatting Rows (45lb) - 3x10
  • Kettlebell arm extensions (10lb) - 3x10
  • Single leg hip thrusters - 3x10
  • Sit ups with a 5lb weight behind my head (so weird) - 3x10


  • Single leg squats (10lb) - 3x10
  • Incline press (15lb) - 3x12
  • Slider leg curls - 3x10
  • Bent over row (12.5lb) - 3x9
  • Star crunches - 3x10


  • 40 min run, 30 sec. pickups


  • Kettelbell swings (20lb) - 3x10
  • Push-ups - 3x10
  • Upright row (10lb) - 3x10
  • Single leg bridge - 3x8
  • Figure-4 oblique crunches - 3x10
  • Calf raises - 3x10
  • Hammer curls (15lb) - 3x6
  • Tricep extensions (15lb) 3x12


  • 55 min run, slow AF

I ran here and it was lovely. Drizzly and cool and it almost seemed like fall.
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After running very little for a long time, and then not at all for six months, it shouldn't be but definitely is shocking how challenging it is.

This week, I have to travel for work and - AND - see Hamilton, finally! I don't have any training scheduled since I won't be here - that's why my Saturday workout was so shitty - and probably won't run while I'm there. We'll see. Plan is:

Tuesday - 40 min run
Wednesday - travel, talk to too many people, late work dinner
Thursday - 30 min am run, 9 hour meeting, HAMILTON
Friday - talk to more people, more meetings, socially taxing efforts, travel home
Saturday - sleep? talk to no one?
Sunday - 60 min run

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Becka said...

Socially taxing efforts. haaaaaaaaa


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